Mandan News

4-H Roughriders hold meeting

By Morgan Burghart, club reporter


The Roughriders 4-H club had its fourth meeting at Mellisa and Kirk Johnsons house on Jan. 6. We started off the meeting by saying the pledge of allegiance, followed by the 4-H pledge.  Then  president Patrick Johnson called the meeting to order.

Secretary Hallie Burghart took rollcall, every one was present. Next we asked the treasurer how much money we had.  Then we asked for the leaders report. She said that we will be having an activity day on March 23 at the Mandan Middle School.

Also we discussed if there was any old or new business. For old business, we had the angel tree. We had no new business. After we decided to have our next meeting Feb. 3. Then we ended the meeting by Justin Johnson moving a first motion to adjurn the meeting.  After the meeting we had a sled fun day.  After that we had supper.