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A letter sent 40 years late

Dear Mandan Lions Club,

This letter is 40 years late.

My daughter recently graduated from high school and received many gifts. She has not been diligent in sending out her thank you cards. While I was reminding her of the importance of letting gift givers know that one is appreciative, I recalled that the Mandan Lions Club sent me to Boys State and that my father, Jim Stine, had asked me write a thank you to the club and out of pure laziness, I failed to do so. So here goes:

Thank you, Mandan Lions Club for allowing me to attend the 1969 Boys State event. I learned a lot both about the working of government and about myself. I was really nervous about being away from home for a week but I learned that NDSU is really a great place and I enjoyed staying at the dorms. I met a ton of people from all over the state and I learned that there are really nice people from every where. So thanks for the opportunity to learn so much at Boys State.

Doug Stine

Epilogue: I attended NDSU, was student body vice-president, President of North Dakota Student’s Association, worked at the legislature as a research intern for the education committee where I learned about optometry scholarships, attended Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon and became a Doctor of Optometry. I now practice eye care in Wausau, Wisconsin.

You can’t really say where you get the courage to stretch yourself, to let go of the known and reach for your dream, but looking back there is no doubt that your gift to me helped me grow up.

Thank you, Dr. Douglas Stine