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About this adventure

Layout 1 (Page 1)So here we are; summer’s underway and the entire Ulmer tribe showed up for Father’s Day weekend at Lake Tschida. Four grandkids, three kids, spouses, two dogs, boats, coolers, beach accessories, two dozen pairs of shoes, life jackets, enough clothes and food to start a store and one movie … Frozen.

Never mind that we have satellite television out here with a gazillion worthless channels, the DVD played ‘Frozen’ over and over and over … and every time the movie ended with the song ‘Let it Be,’ the grandkids and their parents sang along again and again and again … each time there seemed to be more gusto and giggles.

The movie played until 4 a.m., when I finally got up to find the audience sound asleep on the couch, and I shut it off only to wake up around 7 a.m. and it was going again … so I gave up and found my laptop and began trying to tell you about this adventure.

The energy of four grand kids at the lake can be a tad overwhelming at times. I’m quite sure that the decibels exceeds the level allowed under Mandan’s noise ordinances. Our cabin becomes engulfed in such a swirl of activity it’s almost impossible to figure out what’s really going on around you. Shouts of’ Tristan!, Camryn!, Kelci!, or Brock!’ are only outdone by their parents attempting to get one of their kids to pay attention to their commands. In due time, it all turns into a swirl of white noise, coupled with brief cyclones of activity that always seem to encroach on whatever limits seem to be in existence at the moment. Most of this activity involves more smiles than frowns, so Grandpa Dan has just learned to flow with the go …

With steady S.E. winds of 35 mph that blow right up our bay, Friday literally blew by. Water activities were suspended and replaced with golf cart and ATV rides, some target practice, and a bit of movie watching. Bedtime came early.

Saturday morning my sons took me fishing. We grabbed a coffee and headed for Boy Scout Bay. After getting settled we managed to snag 12 nice walleyes and headed back in time for breakfast. Then it started to rain. So back to indoors stuff like movies and early naps.

The rain persisted off and on through out the day. Many of us took shelter in the garage, where we did some fairy work before deciding that a nap was in order. In short order everyone was napping. Of course, since I’ve had more practice at this art than the others, I hit the pillow from noon until one. The rest were under the nap spell by 1 p.m. T’was a good day for napping.

After I saw that everyone else was still sleeping, I returned to bed, and when I woke up around cocktail time, the sun was out, the wind was down, Kelci was giving her cousins jet ski rides and a beautiful evening unfurled.

June is really a wonderful month, filled with cool wet days and late sunsets. It was 10 p.m. when Brock was rebutting his mom’s demands to go to bed with, ‘but mom it’s still light out.’ I then noted that this will end next Sunday, when days get shorter and winter begins …

But I digress, so let me just say as one of the father’s in my family that we had a really great father’s day weekend out here and I hope you survived whatever happened at your house too … dn