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Altringer begins UND clinical studies

Lindsey Altringer

Lindsey Altringer

Forty-eight physical therapy students, members of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2015, started the clinical studies portion of their journey to become doctors of physical therapy last week at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Among them were Lindsey Altringer, of Mandan.

The students received white coats at the Entrance Into Professional Service Ceremony held at the school on July 11.

After completing their first year of the professional component of the physical therapy curriculum, the students have to pass an intense, comprehensive examination of their knowledge before they begin their clinical studies. The first three years of the curriculum are considered to be pre-physical therapy.

Keynote speaker was Henry C. “Bud” Wessman, P.T., J.D., L.N.H.A., professor emeritus and founder of the physical therapy program at UND in 1967. Wessman spoke about the importance of professional service.