Mandan News

Angus owners named on publication

The following local angus bull and cow owners have been named on the American Angus Association’s 2013 Pathfinder Report for having registered animals. They are listed by name, hometown, and the number of bulls or cows registered:

Schaffs Angus Valley, Saint Anthony, 25 Angus cows; Opp Bros Angus, Hebron, 15 Angus cows; Richard C. Tokach, Saint Anthony, 11 Angus cows; Willow Creek Farm, Glen Ullin, 10 Angus cows; Diamond J Angus Ranch, Mandan, 8 Angus cows; Bruce Wayne Blend, New Salem, 8 Angus cows; Martin and Angie Schaff, Mandan, 6 Angus cows; Brad Tokach, Saint Anthony, 8 Angus cows; Strommen Ranch, Fort Rice, 6 Angus cows; Richard and Jamie Fast, New Salem, 4 Angus cows; Joel Opp, Hebron, 4 Angus cows; Richard M. Tokach, Saint Anthony, 1 Angus cow; Schaffs Angus Valley, Saint Anthony, 13 Angus bulls; Martin and Angie Schaff, Mandan, 1 Angus bull; Strommen Ranch, Fort Rice, 1 Angus bull.

The Pathfinder program identifies superior Angus cows based upon recorded performance traits economically important to efficient beef production. All registered Angus cows that meet the strict Pathfinder standards are listed, along with their owners, in the Pathfinder Report that is published annually by the association.