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Battery Doctors opens business

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By Brian L. Gray


A company that uses a cutting edge process of restoring batteries has opened for business south of Mandan.

Battery Doctors North Dakota, which started in May, is the first and only holder of the franchise in North Dakota, which originally began in California.

The business is able to fully restore any lead acid battery for 40 to 50 percent of the cost of a new one.

One main driving factor behind Battery Doctors is that it is a green company. Restoring old batteries keeps them out of the landfill, and at the same time saves battery owners money.

Co-owner of the company, Jake Stewart, says that the process is able to extend the life of batteries by up to 300 percent.

“Lead acid batteries die due to premature sulfation on the lead plates. Battery Doctors add an environmentally safe chemical to the cells of the battery in conjunction with a specially designed charger to separate and dissolve the sulfate, bringing the battery back to its original state or most of the time they turn out better than the original battery,” he says.

Battery Doctor is able to service everyday batteries, including automotive, marine, recreational, agriculture, warehouse, construction and more. Serviced batteries include a one-year replacement warranty. Stewart says if batteries can’t be replaced, he has over 75 different types of batteries on hand to replace it.

Battery Doctors uses tools called ProBat and ProCharge. A few years ago, a company named ProTec International began to research ways to recondition batteries without taking them apart. Lab testing was conducted and resulted in an environmentally friendly chemical, ProBat, and a charging system, ProCharge, that together bring dead batteries back to life.

Battery Doctors is located south of Mandan on Highway 1806. It can be reached by calling 471-1215, or by going online to