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Bicyclists stop in New Salem

Before there were Highways
By Delores Klusmann

This past week, 21 cyclists, four leaders and an intern followed the Old Red Trail and stopped in New Salem for a break. Before arriving in New Salem, they started their Bismarck, before heading out on the Old Red. They were biking for “Bike the U.S. for MS,” and had started in Bar Harbor, Maine, on May 28, and will reach their destination of Seattle, Wash. on August 4, for a total of 4,295 miles in 69 days. They average about 70 miles per day.

The ages of the men and women were from 19 -75, and the majority are from the, United States, with one individual from Ireland and another from Germany. The group spends their nights in campgrounds, parks, churches, hostels and motels which are often located in the middle of the city.

The Bike the U.S. for MS organization started in Virginia in 2009, and they have hosted several cross continent trips every year since.

The money that they raise goes for MS Research, home modification projects, WC ramps, etc. In their cross country trips, they also do service projects along the way.

After leaving New Salem they will camp in the Hebron Park for the night.

While their stay in New Salem was brief, it was a pleasure to meet and chat with each of them. In honor of their stay, we also took up a donation for the charity, in which local business made donations to.

They will be using the Old Red Trail again in 2015, during the same time period. For more information please go to: As we get closer to that date, we hope that both the towns, as well as citizens, get prepared to open our hearts to them.

Until next time, Be Well. Do Good Work. And see you on Old Red.