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Borr recipient of Jaycee DSA Award, 1964

25 Years Ago – 1989
The Mid-Winter Conference of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Ladies Auxiliary was held in Devils Lake this week with State Commander Jim Gorman and State President Betty Jean Miezwa, both of Mandan, conducting the meeting. Main speaker at the conference was Cooper T. Holt, director of the VFW Washington DC office.

The MHS Braves basketball team dumped the Valley City Hi-Liners, 98-83, in an exciting game at Mandan’s home court. One hundred twelve shots and 69 free throws were attempted by both teams, 68 percent of those shots scored points for Mandan, 58 percent counted for the Hi-Liners. Top point men for the Braves were Mike Ressler, 32 points; Ed Olson with 29; Ryan Leingang and Todd Feland cashed in 14 and 13, respectively.

Mandan’s volleyball team took three straight wins against St. Mary’s this past week in “their most mistake-free game,” according to their coach Jim McPherson. The girls defeated the Saints, 15-9; 15-6; and 15-6. Leading the Braves over all three games were Becky Schwindt with nine points and four kills; Barb Coughlin, 10 points; and Tami Schmeling, seven points. Other Braves players are: Katie Knudson, Jeanette Fox, Abbie Walters, Sue Koch, Shelly Leingang, Machelle Knoll, Sue Doll.

50 Years Ago – 1964
More than 125 businessmen, employers and farmers from the Mandan area attended the 27th Annual Jaycees Awards and Bosses Banquet at the local Eagles Club. Guest speaker was I. E. “Esky” Solberg, former TV weatherman and current instructor at Bismarck State College.

Winner of the Distinguished Service Award was Ernest Borr, Mandan Junior High School teacher. His many accomplishments include managing the Custer Drama, south of Mandan, and promoting music and band at the junior high.

The Outstanding Young Farmer Award went to Leonard Steckler of St. Anthony, a beef and grain raiser. He was chosen from a list of eight outstanding farmers in the area.

Milton Berreth, manager of Vantine Paint and Glass of Mandan, received the Outstanding Boss of the Year Award which was presented by William Russell of Cloverdale Foods.

Ben Hanna, vice president of the Lewis and Clark, Inc., and his family are traveling to Mandan from Fargo to join in the management of the Lewis and Clark Hotel. His mother, Marjorie Hanna, is president of the corporation. Mrs. Hanna and her sons, Ben and Dan, purchased the hotel in 1962. The hotel was built by the sons’ grandfather, Governor Louis B. Hanna, in 1918.

Mandan Senior High’s sophomore guard Wally Koch hit two free-throws seconds before regulation time ended, knotting the score at 69 all, and threw the Mandan-Williston basketball game into overtime last Saturday night. But the Braves went on to win the game, 71-69, on a field goal made by sophomore Mike Norton. Norton was also the evening’s top point man at 19 points, followed by John Grunseth, 16; Bill Block, 13; and Frank Walter, 12.

75 Years Ago – 1939
Jan. 30 was a big day for both Germany’s Fuehrer Adolph Hitler and America’s President Franklin Roosevelt. The 30th was President Roosevelt’s 57th birthday which has become the rallying date for campaigners against infantile paralysis. Six years ago, on the 30th, Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Von Hindenburg. Hitler has since restored German military power and threatens to expand its control over their neighboring countries in Europe.

More than 125 couples attended the President’s Birthday Ball at Mandan’s World War Memorial Building on Jan. 30th, to dance to the music of the six-piece orchestra, “The Syncopators,” who mixed old time polkas and schottisches with modern dance music. The Elks organization sponsored the ball with half of the proceeds going to the crippled children’s fund. The dance was briefly halted at 11 p.m. when speakers were turn on so that the celebrating crowd could listen to the President’s birthday radio address, thanking the people participating at 25,000 dances across the nation for their donations to the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis.

    National News

: Col. Charles A. Lindbergh presented a confidential report to President Franklin Roosevelt and government officials regarding the massive armament build-up in Germany. He also reported that Germany’s highly advanced aircraft industry was more powerful than that of any country in Europe and, in fact, was on track to surpass the aircraft production of the United States. Lindbergh had recently toured Germany’s industrial areas as a guest of the U. S. Ambassador at Berlin.

100 Years Ago – 1914
“The cold weather of the past few days has resulted in a number of calls for aid from the poor, declares County Physician Dr. G. A. Stark, and the people of the city and vicinity area urged to help. During the past few weeks, Dr. Stark has given aid to a number of needy families and he noticed several children who were kept out of school through lack of proper clothes. Clothes of any description which are fit to wear are asked. Send them to the G. A. Stark home, or Dr. Stark will call for them if notified.

“Louis Seidel and John Berger were tried in Justice Court before Col. L. N. Steen on Wednesday afternoon and found not guilty of the charge of malicious mischief. Nick Thomas alleged that the two had come to his home, thrown rocks at the windows and house and made threatening remarks. However, the two defendants proved alibis.

“Following the hearing, the principals became involved in another wordy warfare, resulting in Thomas again appearing before States Attorney Bitzing and wanting Peter Berger, father of John Berger, arrested for threatened assault. Thomas also said that Berger threatened to shoot him.

“Later, Berger made the same allegation against Thomas.

“The men were then informed that if the matter was not dropped entirely by either party, all interested parties would be place under heavy bond to keep the peace.”

125 Years Ago – 1889
The village of Mandan was organized in the spring of 1881; just eight years later, statehood was the talk of the Dakota Territory.

“On Thursday, Jan. 31, at 3:30 p.m. the thermometer stood at 21 degrees above zero.
“According to record keepers at Bismarck, the average age of the Dakota legislators at this session is 42 years; two years ago is was 40 years; four years ago, it was 39 years.

“George H. Bingenheimer has a new black team of horses whose good performances are mostly in the future. Yesterday afternoon, they ran away, made a bee line for Martin Hanson who was on the sidewalk at Stark Avenue, knocking him down and giving him a good shaking. But as the horses grow older, they will surely know more and do much better.

“It has been recommended by Gen. Scofield that Fort A. Lincoln be abandoned. All those who are interested in seeing what can be done to prevent such a move are requested to attend a meeting at the City Hall tonight at 8 o’clock. E. C. Rice, president, Citizens Club.

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