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“Bosh” Froehlich named Legionnaire of the year, 1989

Diane Boit
25 Years Ago – 1989
E. R. “Bosh” Froehlich has been named Legionnaire of the Year by Mandan American Legion Post No. 40. Froehlich was chosen for the award from more than 875 members of the Post by a board of 12 former award recipients. Froehlich has 33 years of continuous membership in the Mandan Post and is currently serving as chairman of the Legion Baseball Committee. He was inducted into the American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame in 1988. A World War II Navy veteran, Froehlich is also a retired railroad engineer and is serving on the Mandan City Commission, a position he has held for a total of 19 years.

Timothy Preabt, son of Duane and Jeri Preabt, Mandan, has enlisted in the U.S. Navy’s Delayed Entry Program to become a member of the Navy’s North Dakota Special Recruit Company. The Mandan High School senior is one of 80 young people from the state who will enlist for active duty during a historic ceremony, approved by the North Dakota Centennial Committee, in Fargo on May 30.

50 Years Ago – 1964
The 1964 Class A Basketball championship title went to the Grafton Spoilers who defeated the favored Bismarck Demons, 80-76. It was their first title in 29 years. The Valley City Vikings captured third place honors with a win over the Minot Ryan Lions, 87-80.

The Fort Yates Warriors won their second State Class B championship by dumping the defending Kenmare Honkers, 44-41. The Warriors’ last title occurred in 1956. In the consolation round, the Benson County Aggies took third place by defeating Sargent Central, 70-63.

An overflow crowd of more than 270 people jammed the Moose Club for the 28th annual banquet of the Mandan Chamber of Commerce, marking the official beginning for the Chamber’s new president, John Lanz. Among those honored at the once-a-year event were outgoing chamber president Norman Christensen; John Rovig, long-time Mandanite and former chamber manager; current Chamber Manager Del Skjod; Chamber Secretary Gertrude Needham; and Miss North Dakota of 1963, JoAnn Syvrud.

Dr. Leon H. Johnson, Mandan High School science instructor from 1936 to 1939, has been named president of Montana State College at Bozeman, Mont. He has been a member of the Montana State College faulty since 1943 and was appointed Dean of the graduate division in 1955.

Services were held for the last time in the old Christ Episcopal Church at 210 First Ave. N.W. on Sunday, March 15. The old church building, located at the corner of Third Ave. and Third St., was first owned by the Congregationalists in Dakota Territory Days. It was purchased by the Episcopalians and moved to its current location in 1891. The opening service at the new Christ Episcopal Church at 1705 Sunset Drive was held on March 18.

75 Years Ago – 1939
Frank McCann, tall, lanky senior guard for the Mandan basketball Braves this past season, has been elected captain of the 1938-39 edition of the Braves. Three of this year’s Braves were also awarded “Letters” with two stripes, designating their two years of service on the team- George Brucker, forward; Sidney Hughes, center and forward; and John Byerly, guard. Those receiving “Letters” with one stripe were: McCann, Eugene Eckroth, Jack Ravnos, Paul Valder, Clem Riedinger, Stanley Hoffman and Adam Bender.

Unseasonable warm weather, reaching a high of 77 degrees, produced a quick break-up of the Heart River with ice cakes jamming the channel causing river water to rise rapidly. However, Mandan’s three-mile long dike running west and south of the Syndicate addition and the south side of the Girard addition remained intact as the swollen Heart River subsided just inches from the peak 16-foot stage that produced flooding in the low farmlands stretching southward from the city.

Pope Pius XII was crowned with brilliant pomp and stately ceremony before 60,000 people who packed into St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican City. Joseph P. Kennedy, U. S. ambassador to London, was the first official U. S. representative to attend a papal coronation since 1846.

100 Years Ago – 1914
“Funeral services were held this week for 28-year old Rev D. J. Lane, pastor of the Methodist Church, who died following an operation for acute appendicitis at the Mandan hospital. Overtaxing his strength and refusing to take a rest from his ministerial duties in conducting revivals since January undermined his system and caused the attack. The remains were brought to Ellendale for burial.

“Swat! Crash! And the season’s first window to be broken by a baseball was shattered Tuesday afternoon in a certain house in the west end of the city. The kids had taken possession of a vacant lot near the house and were getting in practice. Lucky for them, the man of the house happens to be a rabid baseball fan, and he was so tickled to see the first signs of the baseball season that not only did he not scold boys but gave them four bits to buy another ball.

“Albert Zuger, aged 11, was brought in by his parents from Crown Butte and on Monday afternoon underwent a successful operation for appendicitis at the Mandan Hospital.

“Elfrida Trinkler, the Titanic disaster survivor, who prefers the life of a domestic here to a life of luxury in France gained only by crossing the ocean, on Thursday, received a letter from her grandfather pleading for her return. The girl is a maid at Clerk of Court Ed Morck’s home. Her 80-year old grandfather, Dr. Frederick Vallais, writes that he is rapidly failing in health and is not able to attend to his practice. “It’s been impossible for me to make up my mind to go back,” she said. “I’ve been terribly nervous since the horrible sinking of the Titanic. While I want to go back, I’m a coward and afraid.”

125 Years Ago – 1889
The village of Mandan was organized in the spring of 1881; just eight years later, statehood was the talk of the Dakota Territory.

“On Thursday, April 4, at 3:30 p.m. the thermometer stood at 49 degrees above zero.

“Today’s wind is about as mean a one as we have had this season.

“Loose eave spoutings, rickety chimneys, unnailed boards, insecure shingles and such things were flying all over the country today. The sidewalk was carried into the middle of the street just east of J. O. Sullivan’s store.

“Yesterday, a three-year old boy from the Orphan Asylum at Englewood, Ill., came on the train to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Waite. He is a bright little fellow, just beginning to talk nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Waite are very much pleased with him, and they propose to adopt him as their own and make a man of him.

“We have a new mayor. It was a windy day and as uncomfortable as could be imagined for those whose duty called them around the polls. The total vote cast was 295, a gain of 43 votes cast more than a year ago. (Women could not vote until 1920.) Lovett Gill received 181 votes, followed by R. M. Tuttle with 114, leaving a majority for Gill of 67 votes. The vote for alderman was as follows: First Ward, Frank Roby; Second Ward, Charles O’Rourke; Third Ward, George Kemper.”

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