Mandan News

Business sets to rebrand

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Making a name for one’s business can be a difficult challenge, especially when that means having to battle against an incorrect public perception. When that public image is one that you worked hard to create, it can seem almost impossible. For Jake Stewart, owner of Battery Doctors in Mandan, the process has been an uphill battle.

When the Battery Doctors first opened in 2012, they did so as a restoration business. Becoming the first North Dakota franchise holder of the company which originally began in California, Stewart started fully restoring batteries to their original, or even better, state.

Times have changed, as has the Battery Doctors. No longer are they in the restoration business, but instead offer a full line of batteries.

“There just was no market for restored batteries,” said Stewart. “It is better to just sell a new, high-quality battery.”

Stewart found that product with Crown Batteries, based out of Fremont, Ohio. Part of the attraction to this company for Stewart was that they are a family-owned business with an all-American made product.

It wasn’t enough to just have a high-quality inventory though. For Stewart, he wants his business to also be educational. That means making sure his employees know the product.

“I’m looking to hire people who are knowledgeable,” said Stewart. “It is important for them to know the process of how a battery is made, to see it being done in the factory, so that they can pass that information on to our customers.”

This educational aspect has had a large impact on the Battery Doctors. When a customer comes into their store, they leave with much more than a battery. They leave with the knowledge of why that battery is the best for their application.

Often, a customer may also leave without having purchased any product. Instead, they leave with a better idea as to what there need is, or just a better understanding of the underlying problem.

“We are not out to make a quick buck,” Stewart said. “I believe that we should treat people honestly, and give them a little service.”

Along with the new business model, Battery Doctors also opened up a new retail shop closer to The Strip in Mandan. Even with a new building, and new business structure, there are still some problems. Primarily, the situation of trying to overcome the previous image Stewart created.

“It’s been an uphill battle trying to rebrand Battery Doctors,” Stewart said. “But we are getting there. We are seeing many more people aware that we have a full retail store here.”

The store today has batteries for nearly every application, from a typical car battery, to laptop batteries. In addition to stocking the product, they also recycle old batteries, which is the most recycled item in the world.

At the end of the day though, the goal is the customer experience. Having each person leave with a bit more knowledge than they came in, and feeling respected is important for the Battery Doctors. Selling a quality product is one means of doing such.

“After I put a battery in your car, I don’t want to see you again for three to four years,” said Stewart. “I want you leaving here knowing that the battery we sell you will last and be dependable.”