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Can you say miserable?

The reason I don’t like fall blew into town last Friday. I cringe a bit when I hear folks say they look forward to snow and winter. Both my loyal readers know that I’m a spring and summer kinda guy and I spend most of the winter complaining about the weather….

So there I was in the wilds of Tschida, it was 6am last Friday and from what I could tell it had rained all night. For those of you who make sure the sun gets up before you get up it’s still quite dark at 6am. Having heard a winter storm was on the way I had perused the estate for straggling debris that needed to be stored for winter on Thursday. Then I decided to hunker down to see what Friday morning looked like and there I was looking out the window. I couldn’t see anything but I sure could hear the rain pelleting the cabin.
One of the first things I usually do upon rising is relieve whatever bodily functions have my attention then I make coffee, and let Charlie out to take care of his bodily functions. On this morning I opened the door, Charlie looked at me, his eyes turned sad, and he laid down on the floor to let me know he could wait until he absolutely had to…well you know what dogs do outside.

So I closed the door and began to clean up the place while deciding whether to head into town or hunker down and ride the storm out. By 9am the rain turned to snow and the snow was so thick it limited my view to about 100-yards.

The radio said that Elgin was supposed to get 10inches of snow so I decided to abandon the cabin and head to town. The roads were fine, the visibility sucked, the wind was just downright nasty, but we made it home about the same time it started snowing in town.
It snowed and blew all day, around 4pm the snowflakes were so big they looked like snow balls. One flake hit the back of my head and melted down my neck sending quite a chill down my spine and forcing a profane word out of my mouth.

The next day Ryan, a Tschida neighbor, informed us that the snow out there was well over a foot and the power went out at 6pm Friday nite and it was still out on Saturday afternoon. His mule was stuck (Mule=4 wheel drive utility thingamajig) and he couldn’t get his car out either. He walked to another neighbors to get a ride to town and was wondering when I was going back so he could retrieve his car. So for once I had made the right decision because no power means no heat, no TV, no nothing and that gets rather lonely out in the wilds of Tschida.

Sunday morning, lake neighbor Lance called to inform us that the power was still out and the snow was still deep and could he borrow our 4 wheeler because he was tired of running up and down the hill to re-anchor our pontoons (yes they are still in the water). The water in the lake had come up a foot and given the snow it promises to be rising for the next couple weeks.

Anyway here I am back home complaining about the weather and if this continues I’ll be stuck doing that for the next 210 days. So in order to mollify the effect of this disorder on both of my loyal readers I’m wondering if they might know of such a thing as an anti-winter support group or where a fella could get some lessons on hibernation.
Here’s hoping that you can handle whatever Mother Nature sends your way…dn

By Conversations with Dan Ulmer