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Care and Share seeks to help struggling families

Christmas time is fast approaching, as families and friends will get together to share the blessings of the holiday season. But for many in our community, it is a time shadowed by hunger and neglect. As you know, the expense of buying gifts and planning for holiday meals can become a financial burden to families who are struggling.

That’s where the Community Care and Share program comes in. Care and Share has been providing food baskets and gifts to families in need in Mandan and Morton County for 27 years. Since its beginning in 1985, this program has provided food and gifts to over 5,400 families and individuals.

Families must fill out an application and meet certain requirements to qualify for a food basket and gifts. The application period began Oct. 1 and ends Oct. 31. Applications can be picked up at any Mandan school, church, Custer Health, Morton County Social Services and AID, Inc. or Brighten’s Thrift Shop, located at 314 W. Main St.

“Christmas time can be a particularly stressful time for struggling families, especially those with young children, when spending money is not an option,╙ says Patti Regan, Care and Share chairperson. ╥With the generous help of our community, needy families can receive gifts for their children and nutritious foods. You can give joy to people who might have otherwise had a very bleak holiday season.”

Last year, Care and Share expanded its services to include the Backpacks for Kids program, a program providing foods to school age children. Children in need are given backpacks filled with foods to help sustain them over weekends. Care and Share also supplemented AID, Inc.’s programs to provide assistance with past-due rents and utilities to families in Mandan and Morton County.

For more information, contact Patti Regan at 663-2122.