Mandan News

Christmas trees must go to designated locations

Christmas trees will not be picked up by garbage or city crews in Mandan. The homeowner or resident is responsible for the disposal of these trees.

Trees may be hauled to Mandan’s landfill site, which is located west of Mandan. There is a designated area at the waste site for dropping off Christmas trees, branches, logs and other wood materials.

To make it more convenient for Mandan residents, the grass-clipping disposal site at 711 Sixth Ave. S.W., Mandan, has been designated as a Christmas tree disposal site. The metal disposal bins will not be there, but residents are asked to neatly pile the trees together on the ground. The city forester requests that trees be left at this site by Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The forester and his crew turn these trees into mulch with a wood chipper. In this way, Mandan residents will have a convenient location for Christmas tree disposal and the city will be able to add to its supply of wood chips.