Mandan News

City limits could grow north-bound

By Brian L. Gray


Mandan is looking to annex 1,000 acres into the city on the north side of town.

The city has directed its attorney, Malcolm Brown, to write up a resolution to add property north of the Mandan Middle School, which will be sent to the Mandan City Commission for approval during its next meeting on Tuesday, June 4.

Discussions have been taking place with several individuals who have acquired property in the north part of Mandan and are looking to develop this property into residential and commercial areas.

The city of Mandan has, over the course of several years, prepared a master water and sanitary sewer plan for this area. City Administrator Jim Neubauer said the master plan could be complete by August.

In order to facilitate growth in the proposed area, Neubauer said a master lift station could be installed to handle the sanitary sewer needs in this area rather than building several smaller temporary lift stations.

Another study underway that could affect the proposed area is an interchange study between west Mandan and east Bismarck. The completion date for this study is November.

While growth in the north area of Mandan is moving rapidly, Neubauer said that challenges exist for the orderly and cost effective development in the area, which is why the city is considering annexing a larger portion of land rather than a series of smaller portions, in order to better plan for future growth.