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City strategizes land use and transportation

The Mandan City Commission and the Planning and Zoning commission, came together on Tuesday night to go over conceptual future land use and transportation plans.

Phil Carlson is helping Mandan develop a land use and transportation plan. He is from Stantec, a consulting and planning firm out of Saint Paul, Minn.,

Currently the Planning and Advisory Committee is in the third phase of the process and they refining alternatives to the eight main city goals.

Goal one is to, promote a well-planned community balancing land uses and expansion services. The city is doing and has done, many studies outlining major growth areas, public versus parklands and future development sites.

Potential growth area candidates easily start growing from Main Street and Memorial.

The city has conducted studies for the second goal outlined by Carlson, which is to provide a variety of housing types, densities and choices to meet the life cycle housing needs of residents.

“Household sizes are shrinking in size but Mandan is increasing significantly, so more housing is needed to accommodate,” said Carlson.

Currently Mandan is spaced out at an average of 4.74 household units per acre for a total of 1680.9 acres to make up the city.

Goal three is to, Support, enhance and expand existing business and promote new business to Mandan. This would be done through incentive and assistance programs and recruiting workers to the area.

At an approximate amount of $188 million, the city has a significant retail leakage going into Bismarck. Carlson suggests expansion of the city can help recapture lost retail.

Carlson said goal four is to coordinate transportation with land use planning. Several existing and future studies have helped develop strategies and roadwork is already being done.

Three main gateways into Mandan are on Bismarck Expressway, Main Street and I-94 North.

Goal five is to provide safe and functional roadways not only for vehicles, but also for bicycles and pedestrians. Carlson suggests integrated trails providing links to key destinations and a truck route system to minimize the impact on the roadways.

Goal six is to promote redevelopment of existing corridors to Mandan such as Memorial Highway and Main Street. Also covered is the need to enhance Mandan’s character and identity by redeveloping downtown.

“The more housing available downtown, helps contribute to the success of downtown businesses,” said Carlson.

The seventh goal outlines the importance of enhancing the city’s design to help attract residents, visitors and business patrons. This is done through high quality development, infrastructure and attractive, welcoming corridors.

Carlson suggests establishing a community image theme and improving citywide beautification efforts.

Lastly, Carlson outlines the eighth goal as continuing to work with the Mandan Parks and Recreation to provide for Mandan’s needs. This goal is still in the planning stages and includes future park sites spaced 1/4 mile of walking distance apart.

The next steps of the Planning Advisory Committee are to refine and review the alternatives before presenting them to the community on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

By Katie Jones, editor