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Suffering through a Neti Pot

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Like most parents, my kids still amaze me. In order to not fully reveal her age, let’s just say that I turned 64 yesterday, and Melissa came along when I was 24. She has a four-year-old son who’s into “Skylanders” video games … and at the rate he’s mastered holding two remotes, and quickly works his way through the levels, he’s likely to turn pro any moment.

Grandpa Dan is not, repeat not, really interested in viral pacifiers, mainly because he was never any good at them. Allow me to date myself again; I was raised on pinball machines and if I could have all the money back that I dumped into those machines; this note would be coming to from Aruba … it’s not.

Then Pong, the first video game I can remember, came along … and I really sucked at it. I tried and tried and tried, but as it turned out, I just wasn’t any good at it and quite frankly, I haven’t been interested in video games since. Yes I tried Pac Man, and other video games but I never got off.

However, given that today’s video games are much more virtual, they have a tendency to suck their players into the Rabbit Hole from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. If Brock is any indicator, I’m willing to take a risk and say that by the time he reaches my age, it will be very difficult to tell the difference between the virtual world and reality.

But I digress via prognostication, and need to get back to where I started here. Brock has a sinus problem that needs fixing, he’s also on a nebulizer, and we all hope that he grows out of all this.

So Brock’s mom took him to the doctor a while back, and the doctor told her that his sinuses need flushing twice a day with what’s called a Neti Pot. I had no clue what Neti Pot was but when I found out, I was shocked.

The Neti Pot looks like a teapot, complete with handle and spout. It’s filled with water, the spout is then stuffed into one nostril, and the operator dumps water into that nostril until it comes out of the other nostril … just the description leaves tears in my eyes.

So Melissa asked the doctor, “How in the world will I ever get him to go along with this?'” and the doctor said, “Bribe him.”

Thus administering the Neti Pot seemed to bother Melissa as much as Brock. Especially during the first week when Brock tearfully cried, “Mommy I just can’t do this.” But let me tell ya, I’ve watched him a couple times, and the kid takes it like a champ.

So bribery works because the deal is every time Brock suffers through a week of treatment, he gets a new Skylander’s character … and there are 60 characters that can be molded into 300 combinations of video games … Brock’s now on 14 characters, and it’s gonna be interesting to see how long his parents can afford to bribe him.

My money says the kid gets ‘em all … and his Grandpa will be quite content to sit on the sidelines and watch. Here’s hoping that today’s toys will somehow lead to a better tomorrow, and may you never have to have a Neti Pot stuffed up your nose.