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Conversations with Ulmer’s kin

Granddaughter Kelci ,who is now an 8th grader, was in town last weekend and I asked her if she would like to write this week’s column and here’s what she came up with…it’s definitely worth the read…

My dear readers: before we start I would like to thank you all for reading my grandpa’s article. It means a lot! Today we will talk about bullying whether it is cyber bullying or physical.

Parents, this first part is for you. Right now your child, niece, nephew, and or grandchildren may be dealing with bullies but don’t worry everyone goes through it and make sure they know that. If you are wondering how to deal with the bullies you might want to start by talking to parents or guardians and tell them what’s been happening. Or if it’s happening at school tell the principal.

Your child or relative is going through a hard stage in growing up so they might not want to talk to you about it; don’t worry it’s nothing you did, the conversation may be too unnerving for them or make them uncomfortable, yes I know you want your kids to be able to tell you anything but some things are just too hard to tell.

Make sure they know you are there for them and that they will get through it and that ‘what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger’ (Kelly Clarkson). Tell them they aren’t alone and tell them a story about you getting bullied and eventually getting over it. They must stand up for themselves or the bully won’t stop.

I’m not saying get in the bullies face and argue back but just say stop leave me alone. Ignoring the bully might even help because most bullies always go for attention. Tell them it’s all right to be afraid and to tell trusted adults.

Ok this part is for the kids that actually read the news. What you’re going through is totally normal everyone goes through it. It’s ok to be scared or nervous but I can tell you as soon as you stand up to the bully you’ll probably feel better and its ok to snitch as some people would call it. I know it’s hard to tell anyone about the bullying but honestly if you don’t think you can handle it by yourself then you should tell someone who you trust and you think can help. You don’t have to worry about being rejected everyone has gone through it and can probably give you pointers on how to deal with it. This is a touchy subject but if you’re thinking about suicide tell someone. I know you probably feel alone, defeated, worthless, and or depressed but don’t let them get to you, you are strong and someone loves you without you even knowing. Don’t let the bullies win by hurting yourself they aren’t worth it! Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain. By KELCI JO

And now you know why Kelci has Grandpa Dan’s heart on a string…here’s hoping her advice makes life easier for the kids on the short end of the bullying stick.