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Cramer votes on Head Start program

Today Congressman Kevin Cramer voted to pass a bipartisan critical funding bill for the Head Start school readiness program. The legislation would keep funding in place for Head Start to continue operations during the current fiscal impasse.

“While we wait for the other side to negotiate with us, there is really no reason we can’t fund the things we already agree on. That’s why last week Republicans and Democrats in the House began voting to fund priorities including the National Guard and veterans’ services. Today we voted to fund Head Start, which matters greatly to about 3,000 children who are enrolled in 14 different sites in North Dakota. Unfortunately the Senate leadership is keeping these bills from even receiving a vote, so it’s important we put the pressure on our Senators to get their leadership to call for a vote on these important funding priorities,” said Cramer.

Head Start is a school readiness program for children under five in low-income families, and is funded to serve 2,933 children at 14 sites in North Dakota. Nationally it is estimated approximately 57,000 children participating in Early Head Start and Head Start programs have been impacted by the fiscal impasse. Head Start is implemented by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Administration for Children and Families.