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Dan Ulmer: Childhood activities can be soothing

Either of my loyal readers could confirm that there have been a few times when I’ve slipped off the edge and fallen into the abyss of thinking that I just had to share something personal. Worse yet, I usually don’t realize that I shudna’ said anything until someone tells me I shudna’ said that.

Like the time I revealed that I used to sleep in the buff or the time I described my vasectomy. Both of those diatribes ended with anonymous letters excoriating my audacious mentions of such unmentionables and strongly suggested that I seek help. Recently I intoned that my incredible patience allowed me to remain married for 41 years, and Renee patiently locked me out of her life until I lost all patience and came back to my senses.

Well hang on, because the heat of summer can cause a modicum of regression, even for those who are eligible for social security.

There I was out there at Lake Tschida doing my usual fairy work and it was so hot that my deodorant immediately collapsed, perspiration soaked through my clothes, and quite frankly I was not very huggable at the time.

The lawn sprinklers were going and I needed to cross one to complete a task and got sprinkled on. The coolness quickly enticed me to totally regress. The next thing I knew there I was standing over the sprinkler soaking myself.

The sprinkles washed over me, soaked my clothes, and shoes, and the cell phone in my pocket. I exited the drenching and the intense heat seemed to melt away from me. Still soaked, I went back to my fairy work.

Once my clothes dried off the heat returned, so I stood inside the sprinkler again and I have to admit it was so much fun that I finally grabbed the sprinkler and held it over my head. Each time I passed a sprinkler I’d soak myself, and then go stand in the sun, take on another task and repeat.

I imagine most folks at one time or another have walked thru a sprinkler, but most folks did this as kids, and I don’t know many seniors that have found themselves in such regression… but I’m here to tell ya that this old guy sure was reminded that sometimes regression can be quite fun and soothing. Of course, the only way you can fully appreciate what I’m saying here is if you go find a sprinkler and check it out for yourself.

I would suggest that you may want to use your own sprinkler, but then again you may want to see how your neighbors react when you run thru theirs… that’s what we did when we were kids.

Come to think of it, if you see me out there running thru your sprinklers I would hope that you’d just chalk it up to Dan once again regressing toward childhood.

Here’s hoping that you can find some way to keep your cool too.