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Dan Ulmer: Great time dining in Mandan

Have you been out to eat lately? There’s a great new restaurant that’s really unique to our area. We checked it out recently, the cuisine is delicious and the dining experience was delightful.

After much remodeling and other investments they turned the old JC Penney’s building into really nice restaurant called Harvest. I’ve been told that the owners moved up here from Linton after establishing a similar business there.

The Harvest is a Brazilian restaurant and it’s difficult to describe to folks that haven’t been there. They have a great bar selection, a unique salad bar and all that, but their specialty requires a modicum of explanation.

After ordering fancy cocktails and food, each person was given a card that was green on one side and red on the other. The waitress told us to leave the green side up when we wanted food and then flip the card to the red side when we needed a break or had enough.

So we all 15 of us turned our cards to green and the next thing you know these waiters show up with skewers (swords actually) filled with sausage, chicken, grilled pineapple, potatoes, and a huge variety of delicious steaks.

Each waiter has a knife and is nice enough to tell you to use your tongs to help him/her cut off a strip of absolutely delicious meat. At some points our group of 15 seemed to have a waiter with a skewer next to each person. The food came and we all ate and ate and ate and ate and then turned our cards to red so we could catch our breath.

Some of our crowd faded out early, and at the post-meal family debriefing we discovered that most of them had overdone the salad bar, which significantly reduced their protein intake. Then they came by with a pastry tray that was to die for, so we all ordered off that before attempting to get up and waddle home.

Suffice it to say that my portion of the tab for 15 was significant, but after polling the tribe they all decided that I got my money’s worth.

So the next time you’re headed out to eat check out the Harvest Restaurant in downtown Mandan, our tribe really enjoyed the evening, the food was great, and as soon as I get one of my creditors to up my credit rating we plan on going back…

Here’s hoping that for once you take my advice and try it out…