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Dan Ulmer: Independence runs in my family

So I’m once again out at Lake Tschida celebrating my independence, and before I go on I hope you’re celebrating yourself too.

The temp out here is like 95, the sun has not been obscured for at least three days, so like those Arizonians like to say, “It’s a dry heat… and if we don’t get some rain pretty soon it’s a gonna look like the desert around here.”

Our poor old beloved prairie is rather parched… and come to think of it so am I.

Okay, now that I’ve qwaffed a bit I’m back… Been a rather quiet day here at Lake Tschida. Trtistan, Camryn, Brock, Abe, Jacque, Ben, Melissa, Renee, and Tschida (a dog) left me in Charlie (another dog) out here by our lonesomes.

It’s summertime on the prairie and summer’s around here are wonderful… especially if you can afford to open an account at North Shore Resort located on the north side of Heart Butte Dam. The proprietor is Gary and we’re sure happy he’s willing to supply we lakers whatever we need… and for those of us with more toys that require gasoline than we care to admit, it’s really nice to just drive over and fill up.

There have been a few summers out here when they couldn’t find someone to open up North Shore, and as I recall we’d have to haul a trunkload of gasoline cans in order to feed all the toys… woulda made a great bomb.

So in order to support the most local business around Lake Tschida, Grandpa Dan opened up an account and told Gary that the only one who could charge there was Kelci.

So this past weekend the aforementioned crew showed up and the next thing you know Grandpa Dan had every piece of aquatic equipment he owns, plus all the ones his kids own in the water… all of which require gas.

And when he finally headed over to North Shore Gary said, “Boy, Kelci’s sure been busy today.” The detail here is if you review the aforementioned family members, Kelci was not amongst them, as she was camping at another lake with her mother.

Gary then informed Grandpa Dan that the rest of his tribe had exhausted his credit by obviously convincing Gary that everyone in our family was named Kelci… so  Grandpa Dan got out his checkbook and re-established his credit and waited for the real Kelci to show a couple days later.

Thus there seems to be a modicum of independence in Grandpa Dan’s family, which would make them Americans, free, proud, and quite willing to spend other people’s money… but Grandpa Dan ain’t complaining, because he can’t think of a better bunch to spend it on than his family and friends…

So Grandpa Dan may go broke faster than most folks, but at least he created more smiles than frowns on his way by.

Here’s hoping that you got to express your independence in a fashion that suits your needs and fits your budget…