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Dan Ulmer: I’ve gone fishing

Okay, so if you see either of my loyal readers wandering around aimlessly, I need to tell you that they know that last weekend was Minnesoda’s annual fishing opener. Thus, they put 2+2 together and know that for too many years to count I get possessed by a really bad case of walleye fever the weekend after the Minnesoda fishing opener.

So far I’ve been able to satiate this disorder by heading over to Eug’s house on Lake No Tellum. It takes about three 12-hour days of fishing to rid my system of this psychosis, and that’s where I gotta get to… and the bad part about gettin’ there is that one has to get a lot of stuff together; you know, like my blankee ‘n’ binkee, and gettin’ all that I forgot to get this done… and so all I got time to tell you this week is that I’ve GONE FISHING, thus leaving them this paltry note to tide them over in my absence… so if you see anyone suffering from this forlornness, be nice to them…

In the meantime, here’s hoping you can keep your catches to less than $100 per pound… full report to follow next week.