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Dan Ulmer: Making predictions for 2012

So it seems 2011 is rapidly heading into 2012 and the latest urban legend is that the Mayan Calendar indicates that the world is s’posed to end on 12/21/12. Just check the History Channel for more information on that.

This leads me to wonder if I should make my annual New Year’s prognostications that both of my loyal readers expect me to bring forth because by this time next year they might not be here to check my accuracy.

Thus I’m in a quandary, to prognosticate or not… okay, enuf deliberation. Here goes:

The Mayan Calendar may be wrong so both my loyal readers will keep a copy of this note on hand, just in case.

The sun will rise and set and every day from here forward we’ll have some sort of weather.

You’ll be a year older.

You’ll have a couple of occasions that will cost you more than you wanted to spend.

You’ll have more than one occasion that will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about something that you never wanted to know much about in the first place.

You’ll wonder why you spent all that time watching TV or creeping around Facebook and you’ll wish you had done something more constructive with your time.

You will over-eat or over-imbibe or over-exercise or over-nap or over-something, and you’ll do it again because that’s what happens when you do things over and over.

You’ll have something go kaput just about the time you remember that you shoulda fixed that a while ago. Most likely this kaputness will leave a mess that will test your will to resist kicking something.

Then, of course, everything I said could be wrong, but if nobody’s gonna be here next year to check my list, who cares?

Happy new year, and if this is our last year I sure hope it’s a good one.  But hey, what else can we do about the end of the world other than sit back and enjoy the ride?

Here’s wishin ya safe travels, otherwise we’ll see ya on the other side of whatever happens…