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Dan Ulmer: Summer projects lead to thoughts

Layout 1 (Page 1)Is it just me or could you also be thinking? I usually lose both my loyal readers here, so hang on. Once I saddle up to a keyboard what I think are thoughts might not pass folks’ thinking test as there certainly have been times when these notes haven’t earned the price of ink it takes to print them… if you know what I mean… and if you don’t, well I’m not sure what to tell ya.

So noting that you’re still with me here, I’ll proceed to fill you on the latest from my hermitage in the wilds of Tschida. T’was a quiet week, me ‘n’ Charlie experienced full days coupled with very few accomplishments. After taking inventory I’ll have to admit that in the midst of checking off my honey-do list I ended up with more “honey-do’s” than “honey-dones.”

I’ve often wondered if all of us occasionally suffer from attention deficit disorder. For instance how many times have flashy distractions taken you from whatever you were doing to the point that you stumbled over a piece of the uncompleted project you were originally involved in three days later?

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t happen to you, but trust me – if you reach the senior discount age it will. There I was out there attempting to refurbish a 25-year-old rock garden that I’ve been wondering what to do with for years. Evidently the time had come to tackle it, so I dug up all the rocks, all the bricks, all the vines, before realizing that the three stout day lilies left were just about to bloom.

For those of you non-flower tenders, the rest of us know that if you wait until day lilies bloom before transplanting them they will bloom again next spring. If you move them prior to blooming it will take two springs before they bloom again. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been told and so far so good.

So there I was, a huge pile of rock and brick and a problem that required more thought. So I got a drink of water and went for a jet-ski ride… and three days later I needed a shovel and remembered I left it in the rock pile. The lilies had bloomed and since it would be at least two weeks before they faded I thought I could put off the rock garden project into August.

So I took on this sprinkler project that I’ve had in my head for a while. It was hot out and I have to do a lot of watering out here that requires more hose moving than this senior citizen wants to do. After much thinking that required weeks of introspection I came up with a plan to mount clicker sprinklers on poles in hopes over just having to turn on a valve and my entire yard would be covered.

I rounded up all my clicker sprinklers, found some pipes, old hose, fittings, and got underway. I rigged up the sprinklers with plans to insert the sprinklers in each pipe after strategically pounding the pipes into the ground around the yard.

At first everything worked as planned, the sprinklers clicked away and covered their designated areas. Then I noticed one sprinkler was clicking its pipe back and forth with each click… and about 20 clicks later the pipe fell over. On my way to shut the water off, two other sprinklers shook themselves out of their pipes and one of them managed to point its spray right through the open window of the bunkhouse. So after shutting it down and cleaning up the mess I figured that this was another project that will require more thought.

So this is what happens when you write your thoughts down and now I’m thinking that I shoulda just let these thoughts pass, as I’m quite sure by now both of us are thinking that maybe we should head onto something else.

Here’s hoping that your thoughts leave you with more smiles than frowns.