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Dan Ulmer: Very proud of my sister Bee

Since both of my loyal readers are used to me asking odd questions, I was wondering whether or not either of them have ever found themselves bragging about their sisters. And, for the record, I’m really not sure if either of them have sisters… but I got one… so here goes.

Last Friday my sister Bee (for those of you outside of the family her name is Jenny Kuller) was awarded Teacher of the Year… and her brudder couldn’t have been prouder.

You see, Bee has been a special educations teacher for 31 years and during that time she’s created way more smiles than frowns in literally hundreds of her students’ lives.

Her kids are the ones who by the grace of God need extra help to perform many of the things you and I take for granted. I couldn’t get close to counting the myriad of disorders and disabilities that Bee has worked with over her 31 years.  Many of her kids suffer complications and dysfunctions that are beyond description… kids in wheelchairs are a daily part of her classroom. Many of her students have such a difficult time expressing themselves that it takes a trained eye and a creatively responsive team to find ways to connect with every student under their tutelage… and, thanks to Bee and her team, all of their students graduate with a smile.

Each of her students requires a broad spectrum of one-on-one help. Some need two teachers. Most folks have no idea that many of these kids even exist… and when confronted with one we usually smile or nod and move on.

Not Bee, her job is to dig in and find out what makes these kids tick, and once she breaks through their veneer she helps them find their talents and works with their needs in order to develop an individualized educational program for each student.

Bee doesn’t do this alone. It takes a team of support, and their efforts must be quite rewarding because Bee always says, “I love this job, I can’t believe they pay me to do this, and unbeknownst to most folks the kids always teach me more than I teach them.”

And all your big brudder can say, Bee, is, “Thanks for doing what you do, you’ve indeed left hundreds of kids better off than you found them… Love ya Bee ‘n’ sure proud to be your brudder…”