Mandan News

Davis, Furaus take school board seats

New Mandan School Board members assumed their new seats on Monday.

Lori Furaus and Lorraine Davis, the new members of the school board, have taken the three-year seats left vacant by former members Kirsten Baesler and Karen Johner. The new members, in addition to incumbent Tim Rector, were elected to the board on Tuesday, June 11.

The board also unanimously reinstated Rector as the president, and Donna Fishbeck as the vice president.

Furaus is employed at at Kary-Ressler-Ressler Insurance Agency, and Davis is studying to become a certified public accountant and has plans to run her own business.

In other action, the school district has agreed to continue assisting homeless students through the McKinney-Vente Homeless Education program during the next school year.

The increasing awareness of homeless families and students in the area has revealed a real need for the continuation of the program. During the 2012-2013 school year, 125 homeless students were identified in the Mandan school district, which was a 21 percent increase from the previous school year. In 2004-05, there were 19 students that reported homelessness at some point during the school year.

A total of $42,328 will be set aside for the program, which will be used for travel costs, material costs and salaries.

The program assists homeless children and families to enroll, attend and succeed in school and have equal access to the same free, public education as provided to other students.

The board also agreed to look at its meeting schedule in January 2014 in order to consider cutting down some of its meetings to once a month. Board member Lee Fleischer proposed putting together an advisory committee, saying that many recent meetings have been completed within half an hour, and that what is normally accomplished in two meetings could be done once a month.

-Brian L. Gray