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Diane Boit: Hat & Novelty Shoppe closes after 34 years, 1962


25 Years Ago – 1987

A young and spirited Mandan soccer team has just completed its first season as a sport officially recognized by the Mandan Public School District. According to Coach Judith Atkinson, the players, mostly underclassmen, will “letter” in a sport that has been slow to come to the Midwest, but will be unstoppable now. Soccer is the only co-education sport in the system.

The soccer roster included: Seniors – Chris Heck and Mike Schaff; Juniors – Jason Arenz, Ken Knight, Bryan Lloyd, Keith Haff, Tony Steen, Tonya Biberdorf, Richard Gall, Mike Odegaard, Scott Guscette and Jason Boit; Sophomores – Darrin Davis, Miles Mehlhoff, Clint Boit and Chad Pechtel; Freshmen – Mat Nelson, Todd Christenson, Tim O’Keefe, Bryce Petrysyn, Peter Harriman, Chad Heck, David Kloster and Shawn Souther.


50 Years Ago – 1962

The Hat and Novelty Shoppe, ladies ready-to-wear firm which has been in business the past 34 years in the Lewis and Clark Hotel building, has held it final day of sales. Mrs. Clara Sakariassen, proprietor, who was one of the three local women who established the firm in 1928, is retiring from the business but will continue to make her home in Mandan.

Originals owners with Mrs. Sakariassen were Mrs. Beulah Sawtell Brodl and Mrs. Myrtle Sawtell McLeod. The 1928 store occupied quarters at the north end of the Lewis and Clark building, facing Third Avenue. After a fire gutted that end in 1930, the shop moved into corner area facing Main Street that had been previously occupied by the Merchants National Bank. Mrs. Sakariassen became sole owner in 1931.

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Students of the Mandan High School Homecoming committee have presented the Mandan Hospital Association with a check for $60, representing the net profit from the high school homecoming dance held at the end of September. Presenting the check to John Danz, president of the hospital association were members of the Homecoming committee: Arlys Schramm, Kathy Hovland, Barbara Muhlhauser and Karen Foss.

The Mandan High School paper, The Courier, is marking its 42nd birthday as the school’s newspaper. The Courier, formerly known as The Spatterinx, made its debut on Oct. 12, 1920. This year’s editor is Pat Haseltine; co-editor is Violet John.

Alpha Nu Sorority members concentrated on their major project of the year, the new Mandan Hospital, and collected more than $120 for the building now under construction. The local sorority collected the money through a “Mile of Pennies” project on Mandan’s Main Street, where people were invited to contribute a penny for each year of their age. Pennies were stretched on the sidewalk from the corner of Marianne’s on First Avenue N.W. to Greengard’s at the western end of the block. Joan Sprague, president of the local sorority, said, “We didn’t quite get our mile’s worth of pennies (approx. 84,500 pennies in a mile) but we are very pleased to donate $120 to the fund.”


75 Years Ago – 1937

The Hi-Hat night club was transformed into a colorful Halloween theme as the Mandan Dinner Club entertained 116 guests from Mandan and Bismarck. Orange streamers provided a false ceiling, while the walls of the rooms were decorated with black witches and cats. Before the dance band began its music, the guests were seated for a 7 p.m. dinner at tables decorated with orange and black streamers, along with lighted Jack-o-Lanterns. Arrangements for the dinner and dance were completed by the Colin Carys, the Harry Wheelers and the James Hanleys.

Nuptial vows were repeated at the St. Anthony Catholic Church by Miss Katherine Renner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Renner, and Martin Bender, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Bender, all of St. Anthony. For her wedding, the bride wore a floor-length dress of pink organdy georgette and matching veil. Clementine Bender, sister of the bridegroom, and Katherine Kraft were bridesmaids. Nick Renner, brother of the bride, and William Stumpf attended the bridegroom. The newlyweds will make their home on the bridegroom’s parents’ farm near St. Anthony.

MHS football: The Mandan Warriors were defeated by the Bismarck Demons, 6-0, at a game played at the capital city. However, the Warriors considered themselves lucky to have lost by only six points as during the rough and tumble game, six veteran players – Clifford Green, Jack Broderick, Adam Geiger, Roy Toman, John Byerly, Gordon House – had to be carried off the field due to injuries. In fact, Doug Campos was the only veteran remaining on the Mandan 11 who played through the entire game. According to Coach Grunenfelder, Campos was supported by the second string of green and inexperienced men who refused to quit.

A Mandan Pioneer ad from 1937 for the Hat and Novelty Shoppe.

100 Years Ago – 1912

“The voters of Mandan should not forget that the last chance they have to register for the coming election will be next Tuesday which is the second registration day as provided by law and also the last one. Unless a voter is registered, it becomes necessary for him to be sworn in at the polls on Election Day, which means witnesses, bother and a lot of unnecessary work for the election clerks.

“There are matters coming up before the people on Tuesday, November 5, that must be carefully considered by every inhabitant of the county- National, state and county tickets, the proposed amendments to the constitution of the state of North Dakota, and last, but not least, the proposed division of Morton County.”


125 Years Ago – 1887

The village of Mandan was organized in the spring of 1881; by 1887 the population was already nearing the 2,500 mark.

November 2, 1887: “On Friday, at 3:30 p.m. the thermometer stood at 22 degrees above zero.

“Attention: Parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

“The church is supported by the dues system. Each member gives according to his means and pays his dues cheerfully and quarterly in advance. Mr. P. W. McGillic, our treasurer, and Mr. J. McGuinness, our clerk, will be found at their desk in the church- always anxious to receive your contributions and give you credit for same. Consequently, the pews are all free- ‘stranger, whether Catholic or Protestant, are not ordered out of my pew.’

“The sexes are separated in the church during divine service. The little boys occupy the west side of the sanctuary. The little girls occupy the front seats. The ladies occupy the east side of the church, while the gentlemen occupy the west side. This arrangement makes a small church available for a larger congregation than could be under the pew system.

“As we don’t care to see any person or persons hold up the ‘steeple’ during divine service, we have appointed an usher who will treat every one of you to a seat.

“Our Catholic friends are requested to keep this memorandum, and act accordingly.”

“Signed: Rev. J. G. Perrault, Pastor”


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