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Diane Boit: MHS wins Armistice football game, 1937


25 Years Ago – 1987

Pete Gartner, chief of the Mandan Fire Department, has been re-elected secretary-treasurer of the North Dakota Fire Prevention Association at their annual meeting. Elected president was Gary Retterath, assistant chief of the Valley City Fire Department.

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More than 100 pigs, big and small, stuffed and otherwise, were kidnapped this past week from the office of Ron Biberdorf, principal of Lewis & Clark Elementary School. Left in their place was a ransom note and a hideous jar of pickled pig’s feet. The ransom note said: “Boss Hogg – ‘Meat’ these demands or you ain’t never gonna see youse oinkers again!” The demands included shorter work days and aides for teachers.

Not intimidated, Mr. B called the police to investigate. “When we catch this guy, we will make sure that he is penned,” said Mandan Police Chief Dennis Rohr.

The pigs are a collection of swine give to Mr. B over the years by students and faculty.


50 Years Ago – 1962

N.S. Trauger recently returned to Mandan from a trip to Pennsylvania where he attended the 1962 Palisade High School Alumni banquet and reunion. Trauger was one of six attending the reunion who were members of the Class of 1912. He was also honored as the person having traveled the farthest distance to attend the banquet.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jablonski have returned from a 12-day trip to the Seattle World’s Fair, which he won for outstanding sales of Farmers Union Insurance in his district. The Jablonskis accompanied 50 agents from across the nation who won the trip in a yearlong insurance sales contest. The group traveled by chartered bus and visited many scenic areas along the way to Seattle.

Mr. and Mrs. Logan Holm have settled into their Mandan home after returning from their honeymoon trip. The former Jeannette Schaack and Logan Holm were married in Valley City on Aug. 24.

Construction work on Interstate 94 in western North Dakota has added another 30 miles of new concrete roadway between New Salem and Glen Ullin. Grading work between Richardton and Dickinson has also been completed for next year’s construction. According to officials at the State Highway Department, the average cost of the four-lane, divided highway is estimated at $155,000 per mile.


75 Years Ago – 1937

Outplaying the Bismarck Demons in all but the second quarter of the annual Armistice Day football game between the two cities, the Mandan Braves wound up their 1937 football season with a 12-6 victory over their ancient rivals from the capital city. Ideal weather, coupled with a holiday, brought out the largest crowd to have watched a football game in Mandan in recent years. According to MHS Principal W.L. Neff and his staff of ticket takers, total paid admissions were well over the 500 mark.

The Braves put over their two touchdowns within the first few minutes of play. Leo Schweigert plunged for the first six points. Just a few plays later, Gordon House caught a punt on the 40-yard line and squirmed, dodged and dashed 60 yards through a pack of Demons tacklers to score the second touchdown.

The football used in the Armistice clash was donated by the John Mushik shoe store.

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Mandan joined the nation on Nov. 11 in traditional Armistice Day observances marking the 19th anniversary of the close of the World War. Businesses closed at noon, while the schools were closed for the entire day. Flags lined the city streets in tribune to World War victims and veterans.

Judge A.G. Burr of the State Supreme Court gave the address at the Armistice Day program presented at the regular noon luncheon meeting of the Mandan Rotary Club in the Lewis and Clark Hotel.

St. Thomas More Circle No. 180, Columbian Squires, presented an Armistice Day radio program over KGCU on Thursday evening under the direction of Rev. Father Othmar Hohmann, Father Prior of the group. The broadcast was marked by two addresses, “Nineteen Years After-A Retrospect” by Emil Stolz and “American Youth Looks at War” by Clement Ressler. The program concluded with the reading of Lt. Colonel John McCrae’s poem, “In Flanders Field.”

A photo for Armistice Day that appeared on the front page of the Mandan Pioneer in 1937. It reads: "Ten thousand ghostly soldiers rise and march in grand advance / Above the snow white crosses of the poppy fields of France; / Ten thousand ghostly voices chant and echo this refrain - / Preserve the Peace we fought for, or we all have died in vain."

100 Years Ago – 1912

“Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, was elected President of the United States on Tuesday by the largest electoral vote ever given a president, and states that had never gone Democratic went to Wilson and his vice president, Marshall. Wilson received 415 electoral votes, Roosevelt 104 and Taft 12.

“With voting results received from nearly every county in North Dakota, the Mandan Pioneer can safely predict Congressman Louis. B. Hanna, the Republican candidate for governor, has won the office by 8,664 votes. Mr. Hanna received over a thousand majority in Morton County.

“County division has met with a disastrous defeat. All the returns are in except five precincts including Cannon Ball, Custer, O’Rourke, Pretty Rock, Heilborn and some of these will go against but not enough to undo the trend thus far.

“Despite a campaign of abuse from the supporters of Nick Ressler, popular young contractor, C. P. O’Rourke has been re-elected as Mandan’s representative to the Morton County Commission. Mandan residents did not forget O’Rourke’s record of 20 years as a county commissioner and voted their approval in the city’s three Wards: 359 for O’Rourke; 162 for Ressler.”


25 Years Ago – 1887

The village of Mandan was organized in the spring of 1881; by 1887 the population was already nearing the 2,500 mark.

November 16, 1887: “On Friday, at 3:30 p.m. the thermometer stood at 60 degrees above zero.

“Residents were able to put away their coats and wraps this past week due to unusually warm temperatures; 70 degrees was recorded on the 10th. Many families went to the local park to enjoy again the very last picnic of the year.

“Our friend J. J. Luck has ‘got there.’ He had all the votes he wanted, and he is now a county commissioner for the next three years. He will be an aggressive friend of New Salem and a good man for the county.

“Judge Edgerley was in Mandan today. His majority for County Commissioner was overwhelming. He got the largest vote in the community where he was the best known.

“The Pioneer Press returns from all important counties in Dakota show the following estimated majorities. In North Dakota: For division of the Territory- 3,160; against division- 5,200; for prohibition- 5,147; against- 725. In South Dakota: For division- 15,791; against division- 870; for prohibition- 6,833; against- 254.

“The Pioneer Press estimates the total majority for the division of Dakota Territory at something over 15,000. Overall, 57 counties voted for prohibition and seven against.”


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