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Drummer receives signature drumsticks

Mark Wanner, drummer for “How Far North” recently received signature drumsticks (Submitted photo)

Mark Wanner, drummer for “How Far North” recently received signature drumsticks (Submitted photo)

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

For nearly three decades, Mark Wanner has been busy honing his skills as a professional drummer. Playing with a number of bands throughout the years, he currently found a place among North Dakota’s own band, “How Far North,” playing along side Joe Schmidt, Troy Miller and Neal Schmidt.

After many years of hard work, Wanner was recently recognized by Silverfox, based out of Kingfield Maine, by receiving signature drumsticks. Having received his endorsement by Silverfox in 1999, Wanner has known the brand for quite awhile.

“Mark is a great asset to our Silverfox teams,” Greg Scarselletti, owner and director of sales and marking for Silverfox Percussion, said. “His hands on knowledge of drumsticks will be very helpful as we expand the Silverfox line over the next several years.”

Much of this knowledge comes from Wanner’s ability to play a variety of different forms of music. Having spanned a wide array of styles, Wanner has found his fit within hard rock and heavy metal.

“The stick is very important to this type of music,” Wanner said. “These sticks are the best I’ve ever used, and I’m excited for this recognition.”

A primary reason for Wanner having been chosen to receive signature drumsticks was because of his familiarity with the Silverfox brand, as well as having kept active in the community.

“This is one more advancement in Mark’s overall career of drumming and playing in bands,” Scarselletti said.

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