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Ellen Huber: Commercial spaces fill with new, expanding and changing businesses

Lights are back on in a couple commercial spaces that had been dark, a hair salon has transitioned in ownership and is operating under a new name, and another business is moving to a new home.

Dean’s Steak House is opening soon at 2815 Memorial Highway under the ownership of Dean Ulmer, Mobridge, S.D. Ulmer plans a menu that some might liken to the days of the Speedway Restaurant.

Mandan Nails opened last week at 403 First Street N.W. in the space rented by the Medicine Shop prior to its expansion and relocation. The owner is Kenny Tran. Salon hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 751-4430.

Victoria Luchkina has opened the Moscow Bar at 202 E. Main Street in the former location of the Sportsman’s Lounge and Tree City Bar.

At the former location for Hair Professionals, 220 W. Main Street, you’ll now find Mane Expressions under the ownership of Lisa Ripplinger and Patty Helfrich. Each has several years of experience at other salons in Mandan. They rent booth spaces to six stylists including themselves as well as operators of the previous Hair Professionals, Maggie Schlosser and Marian Stolz. To contact Mane Expressions, call 663-1219.

Ted Fitzsimmons is moving his Roughrider Academy, a martial arts studio, to 2711 Old Red Trail N.W., Unit 101. The location is just to the northwest of the Seven Seas Inn. He expects construction of the new training facility to be complete by the end of March. Fitzsimmons has been teaching martial arts in Mandan since 1988, including Taekwondo, Hapkibo and Kumdo. He has been temporarily holding classes at the former junior high school since the Mandan Community Center changed hands last summer. For more information, call 663-0598.

If you are interested in a business start-up or expansion in Mandan, please contact the City’s Business Development Office for information on programs and available locations. Phone 667-3485 or send and email to