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Ellen Huber: Will Mandan be winning bachelorette in site selection dating game?

The Governor’s Rural Community Summit takes place in Minot on Aug. 24 and 25. I have been asked by the North Dakota Department of Commerce to be a “bachelorette” in a “Dating Game” for communities of 7,000-plus in population.

If I “win,” Mandan representatives will have the opportunity to meet over a free dinner with a national site selection advisor. Other communities competing in the 7,000-plus category are Jamestown and Devils Lake. The “Dating Game” will be followed by a question and answer opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of what communities need to offer for location advisors and potential investors to take a second look.

Following are a few introductory questions posed to me and my responses:

1. What is your community’s greatest asset when it comes to business development, attraction, or expansion?

A strong economy due to its diverse underpinnings that include agriculture, energy, tourism, transportation, processing, information technology, medical and government services. The strength of the economy is evidenced by low unemployment, steady population growth over the community’s history, and steady to growing sales and purchases.

2. Briefly describe the leadership traits found in your community.

Leadership is an important area of focus that our community fosters through a Chamber program on local issues, an active young professionals organization, involvement of business representatives and citizens on a vary of advisory committees to local government, and most recently, a candidate forum to provide information about serving on the city commission, school board, park board and county commission. Specific leadership traits include loyalty, fortitude, spunk, forward thinking and an adherence to the principle of “most good, least harm.”

3. Briefly describe the quality of life in your community.

Ours is a spirited community offering a variety of housing options with hometown atmosphere galore. Residents enjoy a quality education system and easy access to goods and services in a safe environment with unlimited opportunities to participate in outdoor pastimes and a host of family-orientated activities … all with a cost of living that you can afford.

4. In 100 words or less, if your community were a person, describe its personality:

Neighborly, loyal through good and bad, vibrant, smart, cautious at times and adventurous at others, thoughtful, tenacious, competitive yet cooperative, informal, not pretentious, stable and hard working yet fun-loving, beautiful inside and out, proud of our heritage, value tradition while being passionate about continual self-improvement and opportunities for growth.

How would you respond to these questions? What do you see as Mandan’s top selling points? How would you convince a business to choose Mandan for its location?

I’ll let you know how the site selection “Dating Game” turns out in a future column. Meanwhile, please check out more serious informational material promoting business opportunities in Mandan via, or request the community profile by calling 667-3485.