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Fiddlers ReStrung coming to Mandan

A 21-piece string ensemble featured at over 80 performances annually, Fiddlers ReStrung proudly displays a diverse arrangement of styles – American Bluegrass, Celtic fiddle, popular folk, Appalachian Step-dancing, Progressive Acoustic, and more are all brought forward with a crisp, enterprising flair. They engage the audience with energy and witty charm, advocating a message of spontaneous enthusiasm born of a genuine live performance.

Fiddlers Restrung will be performing during Art in the Park on Tuesday, July 3, at Dykshoorn Park on West Main Street in Mandan.

ReStrung consists of students at Saline High School in Michigan, all of whom share in producing a unique ensemble truly their own. Working alongside leadership, students craft their own arrangements and help make organizational decisions. This collaborative ownership grants ReStrung an authentic creative edge that is clearly visible from the striking energy they portray on stage.

Students are chosen based not only on musical talent, but personal maturity as well. They balance a demanding performance schedule while maintaining high standards in other school activities, sports, and academics.

Fiddlers ReStrung prides itself on being highly adaptable; no venue is too small, no stage too large. In addition to touring nationally each summer, they donate a third of their yearly schedule to community service events.