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Flasher’s Hoff wins feature at Governor’s Cup

By Michael Weber
Lee News

After a slow start to the 2014 season, Troy Hoff has been making some noise in the Legends class at Mandan’s Dacotah Speedway.

The auto racer from Flasher has five top-four finishes in five features since his 26th-place showing the second weekend of the season. He finished eighth in the season opener.

Hoff, who was in eighth place in the points standings entering the weekend, has two feature victories in that time, the second of which came on Saturday during the second night of the North Dakota Governor’s Cup. Hoff has also placed third twice and fourth once in the last five weeks.

Hoff and Steven Kuntz of Bismarck were running 1-2 after each of the first five laps, but after falling back to third on Lap 7, Hoff took over the lead on the eighth go-around and stayed there until Kuntz regained the top spot on the 11th lap.

Six laps later, Hoff was back in the lead, passing Kuntz on the front straightaway. On the final lap, Kuntz tried to slide under Hoff coming out of the fourth turn, but to no avail. He wound up in third place, with points leader Donavin Wiest coming in second.

Zach Frederick of Richardton also came from behind late to post a feature victory. Frederick trailed Eric Paul of Dickinson for most of the 25-lap WISSOTA Street Stocks feature, but passed him after the second turn of the 24th lap and held on for the win.

Frederick, Paul and John Feist of Bismarck were in a bunch coming out of the fourth turn on the final lap, but Frederick was the first to reach the checkered flag despite getting bumped by Paul. Paul, meanwhile, lost control and spun just before reaching the finish line and had to settle for third. Feist came in second.

Also picking up feature wins on Saturday were Ricky Weiss of Headingly, Manitoba (WISSOTA Late Models, 40 laps), Jeff Taylor of Cave City, Ark. (IMCA Modifieds, 30 laps); Chad Hausauer of Bismarck (Hobby Stocks, 20 laps), and Kurt Deters of Sauk Centre, Minn. (Sport Compact). Weiss, Taylor and Hausauer all led wire-to-wire.

Zach Johnson of Keningston, Minn., emerged as the overall winner in the Late Models class. He finished first in Friday night’s feature, and second on Saturday. Weiss, who finished third on Friday, was second overall.

IMCA Modifieds
Consi 1: 1. Jett Big Eagle. 2. Spencer Wilson. 3. Tim Perkins. 4. Mason Big Eagle. 5. Drew Christianson.
Consi 2: 1. Steven Pfeifer. 2. Mark Dahl. 3. Jerrett Wold. 4. Travis Olheiser. 5. Jamell Wold.
Feature: 1. Jeff Taylor. 2. Aaron Turnbull. 3. Hank Berry. 4. Jared Thelen. 5. Jeremy Keller. 6. Allen Kent. 7. Tracy Domagala. 8. Spencer Wilson. 9. Robert Hellebust. 10. Jett Big Eagle.
Late Models
Heat 1: 1. Jeff Wildung. 2. Zach Johnson. 3. Tyson Turnbull. 4. Scott Ward. 5. Hank Berry.
Heat 2: 1. Ricky Weiss. 2. Jason Storbakken. 3. Mike Stadel. 4. David McDonald. 5. Allen Kent.
Heat 3: 1. Jake Redezke. 2. Dave Hendrickson. 3. Tom Thompson. 4. John Kaanta. 5. Virgil Randall.
Feature: 1. Weiss. 2. Johnson. 3. Redezke. 4. Wildung. 5. Eric Mass. 6. Jeremy Keller. 7. Ward. 8. Pat Doar. 9. Kaanta. 10. Tom Thompson.
Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Chad Hausauer. 2. Dana Welder. 3. Wyatt Rath-Wald. 4. Roy Erickson. 5. Jaron Wald. 6. Josh Roehrich. 7. Dylan Thomas. 8. Keith McCleary. 9. Brent Vetter. 10. Dustin Hertz.
Sport Compacts
Feature: 1. Kurt Deters. 2. Josh Roehrich. 3. Kody Stoxen. 4. Brandon Anderson. 5. Chance Seelye. 6. Michelle Stoxen. 7. Austin Hoffman. 8. Nick West. 9. Alex Thompson. 10. Stan Thompson.
Feature: 1. Troy Hoff. 2. Donavin Wiest. 3. Steven Kuntz. 4. Paul Morman. 5. Brian Schirado. 6. Tom Wagner. 7. Drew Papke. 8. Preston Martin. 9. Dauntae Martin. 10. Kevin Jensen.
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: 1. Zach Frederick. 2. John Feist. 3. Eric Paul. 4. Scott Gartner. 5. Matt Dosch. 6. Cole Lewis. 7. Eric Harpole. 8. Shawn Becker. 9. Travis Ulmer. 10. Tanner Dosch.