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Gate City Bank urges public to beware of phone scams

Due to recent reports of phishing scams targeting local phone numbers, Gate City Bank is urging the public to be on their guard against phone scams.

Gate City Bank has received reports of fraudulent phone calls being made in an attempt to obtain consumers’ credit or debit card information. The calls can sound convincing as the caller falsely claims to be from a legitimate business, and they typically state that sensitive information is needed to unfreeze or unlock a credit or debit card.

This has been reported to the North Dakota Attorney General’s office. Gate City Bank is one of multiple bank names being used in this scam.

Gate City Bank Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Maureen Jelinek cautions people that this is not how any legitimate bank or business functions.

“Gate City Bank will never call a customer asking for confidential information,” Jelinek said. “If you receive an unsolicited call telling you to provide sensitive information, that should be a red flag.”

Gate City Bank has some tips on how people can avoid falling victim to a scam like this one.
Do not respond to phone calls, emails, faxes or text messages warning you of dire consequences if you don’t provide sensitive information immediately.
Do not provide personal information such as account numbers, debit or credit card numbers or passwords in response to an unsolicited phone call, email, fax or text message, no matter how legitimate it seems.
Do contact your bank immediately if you have responded to what you believe may have been a scam.
Do contact Gate City Bank at your local phone banking number if you are unsure about the legitimacy of any phone calls.
Do review your account transactions regularly and contact your bank if you find any unauthorized transactions.

“We hope these tips will help protect our customers and the public from becoming the victims of phishing scams,” Jelinek said.