Mandan News

Giving back to the community

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

The ladies of Edgewood Vista, Mandan, have been busy at work creating tie-blankets. Over the last few weeks, they have taken advantage of their craft time to give back to the community.

During an event on March 18, the recently finished blankets were presented to Trish Pitts, administrative assistant at the AARC.

“All of the community has just been a Godsend for the center,” said Pitts. “I will make sure that these blankets go to one of our shelters”

Over the course of the year, the ladies at Edgewood Vista would like to continue making either additional tie-blankets, or other projects to be donated. The next project will be birdhouses.

“We are just getting started on possibilities for giving back to the community,” said Mary Delzer, the life enrichment director at Edgewood Vista.

Besides being a way to give back to the community, this project has also been a learning experience for the ladies, who between them have many years of experience with sewing and crafting. Many of them had never created a tie-blanket before, and were excited to add a new craft to their repertoire.

“Participation is a great way for our residents to grow together as an Edgewood family,” said Delzer.

Edgewood Vista Mandan opened in October 2013. They are currently over half occupied and are breaking ground this spring to expand their property.