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Going places: meetings about transportation planned

(photo by Ken Rogers)

(photo by Ken Rogers)

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

The Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is set to host two public meetings on Jan. 21 and 22 to discuss the 2015-2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) known as Envision2040.

Over the course of the 18-month LRTP update process, the MPO will be working with the local communities in order to create a plan that suits the community’s vision for their transportation system.

This plan will include the street/road network, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit, and freight movement with the goal of improving accessibility, mobility, and safety. Once potential programs and projects are identified, they will be tested and evaluated to see how well they meet these goals.

The outcome will be a comprehensive set of transportation projects and programs that will be implemented in a 25-year plan; fitting in with the region’s expected transportation budget.

A large portion of this program is community involvement. The Jan. 21 meeting will be held at the Bismarck Municipal Library, Meeting Room A, between 5:30-7:30 p.m. The Jan. 22 meeting will be held at the Mandan City Hall, Ed “Bosh” Froehlick Room, between 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The MPO was created because of a Federal-mandate requiring any urbanized area with a population over 50,000 to have such an organization. As the officially recognized MPO of this area, they do receive Federal funding for transportation projects and programs, which they are required to plan for, in cooperation with the cities and county jurisdictions of Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and portions of Burleigh and Morton Counties. This is a continuing process, which is required to be updated every five years.