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Guest columnist Gaylynn Becker: Citizen input and review opportunity

By Dr. Gaylynn Becker, Mandan Public Schools Curriculum Director

The Mandan Public School Board invites citizen input on many important decisions. During the five years I’ve been with the Mandan Public School District the school board has held forums, conducted surveys and visited with many patrons on an ongoing basis on many important matters which the school board considers in making decisions. The Mandan Public School Board has created two policies, IFAA and IFAB, that provide for a citizen input and review opportunity prior to purchasing new textbooks or curriculum series. The school board values your input and feedback in its decision-making processes.


As a part of the Mandan Public School District curriculum selection process, the Mandan Public School District is providing a citizen input and review opportunity prior to purchasing: K-12 Science; K-12 Health; K-12 Physical Education; 6-12 Business & Office Technology; Family & Consumer Science; 9-12 Marketing; 7-12 Technology Education; and 9-12 Information Technology curriculum resources.


School board policies IFAA and IFAB both provide for public viewing and feedback to the school district. These school district policies state:


“Citizen Input and Review Opportunity:


The school district specifically encourages all parents, guardians, and other citizens to read, review, and provide comments and suggestions on all materials selected for instructional use by the school district. Parents or guardians of students and other citizens are encouraged to make suggestions regarding texts, media, and supplemental materials for instructional use in the interest of the education of the students.


The school district will provide notice and opportunities for parents/guardians to review texts, media, and supplementary materials and the Superintendent will provide administrative rules for the implementation of said notice and opportunities.”


If you would like to review and provide input to Mandan Public School District, the curriculum materials being considered for purchase will be available for viewing by parents and the general public at the following time and location:


What: Citizen Input and Review Opportunity


When: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., March 15 and 16


Where: Central Administration Building Board Room, located at 309 Collins Ave.


We ask that those who view the curriculum materials register on the sign-in sheet at the Central Administration Building so that the school district has a good idea of the citizen involvement in this process. We ask that you provide written feedback on any specific textbook or curriculum materials upon which you would like to provide input. We also request your name and contact information on any feedback so that if we need further clarification that we are able to contact you.


Again, the Mandan Public School District and I value and look forward to citizen input and feedback in this curriculum selection process prior to our making our final textbook/curriculum purchasing decisions.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Gaylynn Becker, District Curriculum Director at 663-9534.