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Guest columnist: October is Crime Prevention Month

By Sgt. Dave Mills

Mandan Police Department

October is recognized as a national Crime Prevention Month. The Mandan Police Department asks that you take part and interact with the police department by reporting any suspicious activities. Most importantly, to avoid becoming a victim of crime, lock your vehicles and put away items of value. When not in use, lock your shed and close your garage. The common type of crime is the “crime of partnership,” such as the theft of items from an unlocked vehicle or taking a bicycle from the front yard. The cell phone is the most effective method or reporting a crime in progress, including the reporting of a driver under the influence of alcohol.

The police are most effective when the community interacts with its police department by reporting suspicious activities and being a good witness. Remember, you should never put yourself in harm’s way of a criminal, but call 911 and stay at a safe location and be a good witness.

This year we wish to extend our Bicycle Identification program. The program is free for a Mandan resident to register their bicycle with the police department. By registering your bicycle, if it were placed in the department’s custody, we can return it to you as a result of the program.

Here are some crime prevention tips:

For valuables

• Record all serial numbers from valuables and keep in a separate safe place

• Remove valuables from the yard and place them in the garage or shed

• Lock your storage sheds

• Lock your home at night and when away

For home security

• Install motion detector lights at all entrance ways

• Keep ground level windows shut and locked

• Never open your door to strangers

Have a way to observe people at your door through a peephole or window

• Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activities

• Never enter a burglarized home, call the police

• Avoid giving personal information over the phone

Traveling on public highways

• If possible, have a cell phone on long trips

• Have a survival and first aid kit during the cold weather season

• Never stop for strangers

• Report incidents at the next stop or over your cell phone

• Do not initiate or encourage road rage

To protect yourself

• Never wear or expose excessive jewelry

• Never flash large amounts of money

• Be aware of your surroundings and how is watching you

• Stay in well populated shops and public places

• Keep your purse or wallet close to your body

• Avoid dangerous situations

• If attacked, thrown down valuables and run

• Stay only in well known hotels

Do not take chances with your personal safety. Work with your police department and report suspicious activities right away to the police. Be prepared to be a good witness. Take charge of your community and keep our criminal activity.

Check out our web page at to see what programs are of interest to you. Get involved.