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Indicators of spring

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So, the latest weather prognostication indicates that the dreaded below zero stuff may finally be on the run, and I can’t resist thinking how nice it will be when spring really does start to show up.

One of the first indicators of spring is when our clocks leap forward into daylight savings time. I will admit that, at his age, I prefer falling back as opposed to springing forward … but all in all I just wish we’d leave our clocks alone.

And my scientific polling shows that I’m not alone in this thinking. Both my loyal readers know that my coffee klatch at Cappuccino on Collins is composed of numerous august minds, and we all seemed to agree with Herman when he said, ‘I wish they’d just leave it one way or another.’

By now you should be used to the time change, so I don’t need to say much more about that until we all fall back to where we were last Friday, when most of us were saying, ‘I wish they’d just leave it one way or another.’ Kinda amazing how times change, yet stay the same huh?

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to matter whether March rolls through like a lamb or lion. I like the fact that it’s March because it’s followed by April. Garrison Keillor once said that God invented March for teetotalers, so that they too could understand the concept of a hangover … and I agree.

So, as we march toward spring, I’m beginning to get a case of spring fever and I can hear Lake Tschida wooing me her way. A while back, the boys spent a weekend ice fishing, so I know it’s still intact and for the record, their catch seemed to be reduced to a bucket of beer cans. Come to think of it, that seems to be the only thing they’ve caught over the years.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the beginning of spring is kinda messy. For instance thanks to the snow melt, a winter’s worth of Charlie’s fecal matter recently surfaced in our front yard and is begging to be removed before I step in it. Unfortunately, the pooper scooper is under the outside garbage cans and frozen into 5 inches of ice. So, I will put this project off until someone else does it.

Last Sunday I took a walk around the yard and thought about chipping some ice, and removing some of winter’s debris but since the temps hit plus 50, I just spent most of the day avoiding Charlie’s droppings while pretending I was doing something important. It was awesome just to be outside.
So, after some inquiry, I’ve concluded that this is what happens just before spring around here.

First we all start looking out the window. Then as the temp gets a smidgen above freezing, most of us head outside for a moment (some folks get so excited they head out in shorts and Tee shirts) to chisel a little ice, pick up some debris in the yard that you’ve been looking at for a couple months, wonder if you should wash your car, think about what projects you need to do when the weather really does shift … and the next thing you know, old man winter finally releases its grip on us and spring has sprung …

So take heart, we may have to face a few more blast of old man winter, but he seems to be aging out. Besides once we spring forward time is indeed on our side … or something like that … keep smiling.