Mandan News

Investigation ongoing following death

Mandan police are investigating the death of a Bismarck man who was beaten during a party in Mandan.

Derek Oshkeshequoam, 30, of Bismarck, was declared dead in a Bismarck hospital last weekend after being treated for his injuries. He was brought into the hospital by two men who dropped him off and then left the hospital, where Oshkeshequoam remained in critical condition.

The Bismarck Police Department on Oct. 29 brought the matter to the Mandan police’s attention.

In a statement, Mandan Assistant Police Chief Paul Leingang said that the case is now being investigated as a homicide, pending the results of an autopsy that was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 5.

Detectives were able to identify the two men who brought Oshkeshequoam to the hospital, as well as a number of people who were at the party. They have also located an interviewed a 23-year-old Bismarck man who struck the victim on the morning of Oct. 27.

Oshkeshequoam was brought into the hospital a day after he received the injuries that led to his death. Mandan police believe that Oshkeshequoam was assaulted in front of 407 First St. N.E. during the early morning hours of Oct. 27.

Leingang says that the investigation is still ongoing.

-Brian L. Gray