Mandan News

Iverson groundbreaking to be held Jan. 11

A groundbreaking ceremony for American Square, also known as the John Iverson Building, will be held today at 11 a.m.

The ceremony will be held on the east end of the building, located at 101 East Main in Mandan on the east side of the building.

This ceremony marks the beginning of a new future for the Iverson Building, which is known as a long-time fixture and landmark on the corner of Mandan’s Main Street and Collins Avenue.

The building, owned by Al Leingang, is being restored with help of development partner Loran Galpin of Galpin Company Inc.

Plans are to renovate the entire building, in addition to each of the three floors. A large facade including a glass-enclosed elevator and stair tower will be added on the east side of the building, with a courtyard and fountain to be placed in front of it. The north and west side of the building will retained for its historic value, says Galpin.

In all, up to $3.6 million is expected to be invested in the redevelopment of the building.

-Brian L. Gray