Mandan News

Just a little thought

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

I have never been one who really celebrated Valentine’s Day. While in high school, I used to “take a break” from dating, during the week leading up to the holiday. Now that I’m married, I can’t really do that. I’m pretty sure there was something in our marriage vows that ruled against “taking breaks.”

Over the years, I have gotten a bit better at the holiday though. Part of this has been learning from mistakes. Such as, going out to a restaurant is not really a gift if you’re the one who enjoys food more. At best, it serves as a gift for both of the parties.

In general, I have also found that making a gift has been more successful than buying something at the last minute. Maybe that’s because gas station souvenirs are pretty easy to spot as such. They also tend to imply that you had forgotten what day it was, only to realize the folly of your actions when it was too late to actually go to a store and pick up something worthwhile.

Last year, I nearly had an amazing gift. At the beginning of the month, I had came up with an idea: a note in a bottle.

It was almost perfect, except that it was never fully completed. My idea was to take a small clear bowl, and fill it up with sea glass and sand. In to that, I would place a small bottle, with a note in it.

The first part was easy enough, but the only bottle I could find that would fit was a hot sauce one. The note just would not fit.

It wasn’t a complete loss though, as my wife saw the effort. That time, it was really the thought that counted.

Thought can only get one so far though. I’m sure if I told my wife that my intention was to buy her a new car, but since we already had one, there was no reason, I’d be sleeping on the couch. Which seems quite suiting.

As I write this column though, I’m not quite sure what my plan is. Nor is it necessarily important that everything is worked out. The purpose of the holiday is to show love, and that is easy, as I love my wife dearly.

When it comes down to it then, all that really is needed is some effort. Just a little gesture to say “hey, I know I don’t say this enough, but I love you.” Now only if gas stations would carry something with that printed on it.