Mandan News

Letter to the Editor

A couple of weeks ago, I was parking my car in the Mandan Walmart parking lot, when I heard dogs barking. There were two dogs in a car with the rear windows cracked about an inch. The temperature was around 80 degrees at the time. I wrote down the license plate number and turned it in at the courtesy counter for them to announce it. The ladies behind the counter told me that the owners rarely come because they know the reason they are being paged. I would like to ask the two people to put on their winter coats when it is 80 degrees, sit in their car with the rear windows cracked about an inch, and then ask them how that is working for them. Pinheads? For sure.

On the night of the Fourth of July, there were people shooting off fireworks in the Mandan Municipal Golf Course parking lot. The one group shot off a huge round of firecrackers that left a mess of red paper six-feet in diameter. They also shot off other fireworks. They picked up the big cones, but left the firecracker mess. The next morning the golf course ranger was watching the golf course and trying to clean up the mess from the night before. My husband and I helped him, as did our neighbor. We worked for three hours in 90-degree heat, with high humidity, to clean up their mess. The next night the same group came back and started to shoot fireworks again. My husband and I walked down to tell them how hard the neighborhood had worked to clean up their previous night’s mess. Needless to say, they displayed their lack of any intelligent vocabulary. Pinheads? For sure.

There are pinheads everywhere, but there are also wonderful examples of fine, fine citizens all around us. There are those three young Mandan girls who made over $300 from a lemonade stand, and then donated it to CDHS. That cancels out the pinheads that leave their pets in hot vehicles. There are the three fine young men who rode their bikes to Florida to make money to fight cancer, and who visited cancer patients along the way. That cancels out the three pinheads from the gold course parking lot. There are the people from our neighborhood who cleaned up after the parking lot pinheads. That means the pinheads are outnumbered two to one.

There is hope that by the fine examples of the three young girls, the three bikers and our neighborhood, that the pinheads can become responsible and thoughtful citizens for the greatest country on earth.

Sonja Schoch