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Letter to the editor: Cleanup Week does not justify stealing

This is a letter to let the people of Mandan know what happens during Cleanup Week.

During the evening of April 29 someone took the front and rear bumper bracket assemblies for a classic car I am restoring. They also took two wheels with tires and a belt pulley assemble for my 1946 Case Tractor, along with a piece of 4″x6″ steel tubing painted John Deere green.

These items were behind my shop in Mandan. They were on my property and not on the boulevard, therefore they were not to be taken. I also realize that one man’s junk is another’s treasure, but it appears there are individuals that feel justified in taking a man’s treasures for their personal benefit. This type of greed could lead to more ordinances, which we shouldn’t need.

-Eric “Rick” Franklund, Mandan