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Letter to the editor: Education is our nation’s greatest institution

Twenty-two years ago I dedicated myself to a career in education, and that commitment and passion has not waned. Every activity or event I have been involved with has been dedicated to helping children grow emotionally, physically and intellectually. I am passionate about teaching and learning and view myself as a public servant advocating for the needs of all the children of our state.

I am thrilled and humbled to have been elected as North Dakota’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction. What a great coincidence that this honor is followed by National Education Week.

I believe public education is the greatest institution this country ever created. Public education levels the playing field and opens up the greatest opportunities to anyone with the courage to pursue their dreams. Our children deserve the opportunity to succeed and prosper regardless of their cultural or economic backgrounds. I am convinced that public education is crucial to building the best life possible for all of our children.

I am so thankful for our nation’s commitment to education. I am thankful for the dedicated, hardworking teachers, administrators and education professionals who seek to ignite a passion for learning in our kids. I am thankful for the parents, mentors, community leaders and businesses that encourage our kids to stretch and grow as they pursue their dreams and potential.

During this American Education Week let us consider the future we can build for our children, a future of possibilities and opportunities, of questions and answers, of exploration and discovery. Together, I know we can build the brightest future possible! And please take a quick moment to thank an educator this week for the work they do.

-Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect Kirsten Baesler, Mandan