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Local band takes new concept to the next level

Organized Noise Entertainment on Main St., in Mandan, opened in November 2012, and since, has featured a lineup of national and local bands.

O’Fosho from Fargo and local band, Anonymous Phenomenon, will play an all ages show at The O.N.E., on Saturday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m., and tickets cost $5 at the door.

O’Fosho explains themselves as having elements of blues and funk and mixes in a dash of electronic and bluegrass. As for Anonymous Phenomenon, they are harder to label.

Members of the band Anonymous Phenomenon

Members of the band Anonymous Phenomenon

The concept of the group is in the name, Anonymous Phenomenon. Members would say it changes from day to day, “If you asked what the weather was like today, then I would tell you its mostly funky with a chance of soul. Can’t say what the weather will be like tomorrow.”

Pat Phillips started the conceptual band in 2010, without actually having any members. Nonetheless, Phillips, began booking gigs around town, in the hopes that he will find members along the way.

Luckily Phillips, who is a regular member of the band and plays guitar and does vocals, knows a few musicians in town. One such musician is current band member, Nolyn Falcon, Mandan High School graduate.

Falcon, who plays the guitar, drums, bass, and does vocals for the band, said, “Most musicians understand how big of an undertaking ‘forming a band’ is. Pat just skipped that part of the process.
I immediately fell in love with his concept of ‘If you book it, they will come.'”

Falcon asked Phillips if he could take his idea to the next level, and so Anonymous Phenomenon was formed.

Weston Schick, Andrew Larrivee and Nolyn Falcon

Weston Schick, Andrew Larrivee and Nolyn Falcon

Other Mandan High School graduates include Weston Schick and Nolyn’s brother, Chad Falcon. Schick is a regular band member and the main tenor saxophone, but also plays flute and does vocals. Chad is also a regular band member and plays the guitar and does vocals.

“Thankfully, we all found our place among like-minded individuals during our years at Mandan High School,” said Nolyn Falcon.

“Thanks to great teachers like Mr. Lackman and Ms. Hess, we learned to embrace our individuality.”

Other regular band members from Bismarck, Mandan and the surrounding towns include, David Martel on vocals and guitar, Andrew Larrivee on trombone and vocals, Anthony Fladeland and James McMahon on trumpet and vocals, Roger Nordquist and Corey Muechel on percussion and drums, Brandon Clayson and Darren King on Bass, and Kelly Hanlon for vocals.


Other musicians who have sat in with Anonymous Phenomenon over the years include, Mike Reetz, Joe Johnson, Michael Smith, Liz Collin, Eric Redding, John Strong, Zach Schmidt, Tommy McMahon, Phil McMahon, John Krueger, Andrew Walz, Ben Suchy and Jessica Horst to name a few.

With an ever-changing lineup of current band members from week to week, the band is always looking to feature talented musicians.

“We’re always trying to feature a new singer or player when we can, in order to keep things fresh,” said Nolyn Falcon.

“Especially someone with a lot of soul.”
People interested in performing with the band can set up an audition through their Facebook page at

“Almost everyone in the group writes their own music,” said Nolyn Falcon.

“We’re really looking forward to featuring more of everyone’s originals in the future, but for now we’re playing and learning a lot of covers, in order to provide a rotating set-list foundation.”

Once the band has enough original music they hope to record their own material.

Anonymous Phenomenon plays every Wednesday at the Laughing Sun Brewing Company in Bismarck, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

By Katie Jones, editor