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Local man opens store

Bill Condon at his store in Bismarck. (Dustin White photo)

Bill Condon at his store in Bismarck. (Dustin White photo)

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Opening up a business in one’s home community can be a rewarding experience. Being able fill a need in the place one calls home can be a dream to many. For Bill Condon, he made that dream come true when he opened Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Condon wasn’t always planning on opening a battery store in the area though. Instead, a friend of his introduced him to the franchise.

“At the time, I wasn’t really interested in the prospect,” Condon said. “But I figured I would fill out an application anyway, as I was looking to open a business in the area.”

It was shortly after that, on vacation in Daytona, Fla., that he saw a Batteries Plus Bulbs store.
“Seeing the store there raised my intrigue again,” Condon said.

After returning home, Condon decided that he would check out some of the local branches of the store. It wasn’t until Condon participated in the franchise’s discovery days that he truly got interested in the store.

“I had looked at stuff in the food service, but Batteries Plus Bulbs ended up being the better option,” Condon said.

Part of the benefits to such an option was that it provided more family friendly hours, as well as fewer employees.

However, it was the fact that batteries are a consumable item, which are needed in all households, that really attracted Condon.

“Batteries are something that nearly everyone has a need for,” Condon said. “Seeing a need to be filled in the area, I wanted to help.”

Initially, Condon had wanted to open his Batteries Plus Bulbs store in Mandan. Trying to find a suitable location was difficult though, and eventually, he ended up having to locate his business across the river in Bismarck.

“Mandan is my home. All of my kids have gone to school here,” Condon said. “I would have liked to open the store in my home.”

However, even though he ended up having to set up shop in Bismarck, providing for the people in Mandan is also his goal.

“Expansion is the eventual goal,” Condon said. “But for now, I’m just taking one day at a time.”

The goal of Batteries Plus Bulbs is more than just selling a product though. Condon says it is also about educating customers.

“We pride ourselves in being battery and bulb experts,” Condon said.

Each employee has to go through training to learn the details about the various batteries and bulbs that are sold.

They also provide a number of other services as well, such as device repair (for items such as iPhones, tablets and other smart phones).