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Girls set out to help community

The Summer Trio in pose in their club house. Picture (l-r) Kaia Wiese, Elise Keller and Kate Kesler. (Dustin White photo)

The Summer Trio in pose in their club house. Picture (l-r) Kaia Wiese, Elise Keller and Kate Kesler. (Dustin White photo)

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Setting up a Kool-Aid stand can be an exciting experience. Bringing in over $300 from that stand is even more invigorating. For three young Mandan girls, they were able to do just that in less than two hours. Instead of keeping the money for themselves though, they made the decision to donate it to the Central Dakota Humane Society.

Kaia Wiese, 10, Elise Keller, 11, and Kate Kesler, 10, who call themselves the Summer Trio, were inspired to form a club at the beginning of their summer break. Wanting to have some fun during their vacation, they decided to do something that also provided the opportunity to help others.

“We all live on Sommer Drive, so we wanted to have that as part of our name,” Elise Keller said.
“Then there are three of us, so we decided on trio as well,” Kate Kesler added.

After forming the club, three girls took on various executive roles, which were by drawing names. Kate was elected president, Kaia Wiese vice president and Elise secretary.

Along with their new roles, they also set up a club house, where each have their owns desks. It provides them a place in which to plan their next charity events, as well as have their own space.
There next step was to pick an organization that they wanted to support. The CDHS was an easy choice as Elise and her family had recently adopted a dog as well as two cats from there. In addition, Kaia’s family had also adopted a cat from the CDHS in the past, so they had a close connection to the organization.

“We just thought that it would be great to help animals find new homes,” Kaia said.

As soon as they had the details worked out, the girls set out on their way. They set up signs, sent out email and went to Facebook to promote their stand. Running it a similar fashion to a business, the girls took on complete responsibility.

Taking ownership of the event, the girls took their places, serving Kool-Aid and homemade cookies to those who stopped by. At the end of the event, more than 20 people had come out to support the girls. Totaling up their sales, they wound up making $315.60, which they gifted to the CDHS.

“We really just wanted to have fun, and it felt selfish to keep the money,” Elise said.

The Kool-Aid stand is just the beginning for the Summer Trio though. Currently they are planning on organizing a cancer walk. While the details are still not set, the girls are working diligently to accomplish their goal.

Following a cancer walk, the girls were not fully certain what they would choose next to support, but plan on continuing their work throughout the school year. Having seen that the community was willing to back them in their endeavors, the girls are excited to continue helping others.

“We would just like to thank all of those who supported us in our goal,” the Summer Trio said.