Mandan News

Man becomes victim to online fraud

On July 25, a Mandan man reported to the Mandan Police Department he had been the victim of a scam.

The man had listed a vehicle for sale on BisMan Online. He received an offer to buy the vehicle. The potential buyer claimed to be in the military and wanted the vehicle shipped to California.

The buyer offered to pay for the vehicle purchase price and transportation fee using PayPal. However, he wanted the seller to send the payment to the transportation company via Western Union. According to the seller, the funds in the PayPal account would be released to the seller after the shipping company received their funds.

The Mandan man sent $850 via Western Union to California on July 24. He became suspicious when the buyer then asked for additional money for insurance and fees to be wired to Chicago. The man is out the $850 plus the Western Union fees.

If you are contacted by a potential buyer, use care in completing the sale. If the buyer asks you to agree to pay for fees or expenses and be reimbursed, it is a scam. If the buyer asks you to deposit a check for more than the amount of the purchase price and wire the additional amount somewhere else, it is a scam.

The Mandan Police Department says it would like to remind people to be careful when selling or buying items online. Once the money is wired, it is gone. You can’t get your money back. This is what the scammers depend on, the department says.