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Towry charged with manslaughter following Mandan assault

Three complaints were signed on Feb. 1 in connection with an assault in Mandan that led to the death of a Bismarck man.

Mandan Police Department Lieutenant Lori Flaten said that on Feb. 1 complaints were signed charging Colten Towry with manslaughter. Two other complaints were signed charging Vernon and Houle with reckless endangerment.

On Oct. 29, 2012, the Mandan Police Department began investigating an aggravated assault, which had occurred on Oct. 27. The assault took place at a residence in Mandan during a party.

The victim of the assault, Derek Oshkeshequoam, a 30-year-old Bismarck man, was admitted to a local hospital with head injuries in the early morning hours of Oct. 28. Oshkeshequoam later died of his injuries. An autopsy was conducted by the State Medical Examiner and the death was ruled a homicide.

As a result of the police department’s investigation, Flaten said it was determined that Colten Towry was responsible for the injuries that led to Oshkeshequoam’s death.

Following the assault, Christopher Vernon and Joseph Houle, the residents of the home where the assault took place, moved Oshkeshequoam into the basement of the home, where he remained for over 22 hours before being dropped off at the hospital.